Лидер продаж, гибридная пленка Bio PLA + PBAT, полностью биоразлагаемая термоусадочная пленка для мыльных бомбочек для ванны

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Product Description

Best Selling Product Bio Wrap PLA+PBAT Hybrid Films Fully Biodegradable Shrink Film For Decoration

bio shrink wrapbio shrink wrapbio shrink wrapbio shrink wrap

Product Detail

Product nameFull-biodegradable Film
MaterialLaminated Material
ColorTransparent or white
LogoCustomer's Logo
PrintingPrinted according to customer pattern
PackingKraft paper, carton, tray, wooden case, film covering, bagging, etc
Product Keywordsbio shrink wrap,PLA+PBAT Hybrid Films,Fully biodegradable shrink film

Fully biodegradable plastics are a kind of plastics synthesized from natural polymers or materials modified from natural polymers. Unlike biodegradable plastics, fully biodegradable plastics do not contain biodegradable components, so they can be completely decomposed by microorganisms without residues.


Fully degradable plastic film is made of bio based materials through special production process; It is divided into PLA + PBAT mixed material and PLA / popla material, once milky white or fully transparent


Main purpose:


The products are mainly used in packaging, electronics and other processing fields.


Performance characteristics


excellent printability

excellent transparency

uniform thickness

smooth surface

good mechanical adaptability


Product application

bio shrink wrap


Company introduction

bio shrink wrap

Production process

bio shrink wrap

Why choose us

bio shrink wrap

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bio shrink wrap

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bio shrink wrap


bio shrink wrap

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