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made in china poshing tungsten heavy alloy cylinders

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Product Description

made in china poshing tungsten heavy alloy cylinders

Item Namemade in china poshing tungsten heavy alloy cylinders
MaterialTungsten nickel ferro alloy, tungsten nickel copper alloy, WniFe ,WNiCu
Dimensionsas request, All parts will be machined as customer's drawing. 
Grade90wnife(90wnicu), 93wnife(93wnicu), 95wnife(95wnicu), 97wnife(97wnicu)
StandardASTM B777, AMST 21014
ApplicationCT machine parts,  anti-radiation material


  • Grade: of wnife tungsten heavy alloy sheet and plate

AMST 21014 class 1AMST 21014 class 2
        1. 90%WNiFe, 90%WNiCu
        2. Density : 16.85-17.30 g/cm3
        3. Hardness: 32HRC max
        4. Elongation: 5 - 20%
        5. Tensile Strength: 1470Mpa max
        6. Impact Toughness:58J/cm2 max
      1. 92.5%WNiFe, 92.5%WNiCu
      2. Density : 17.15-17.85 g/cm3
      3. Hardness: 33HRC max
      4. Elongation: 5 - 15%
      5. Tensile Strength:1720Mpa max
      6. Impact Toughness:54J/cm2 max
AMST 21014 class 3AMST 21014 class 4
        1. 95%WNiFe, 95%WNiCu
        2. Density : 17.75-18.35 g/cm3
        3. Hardness: 34HRC max
        4. Elongation: 3 - 10%
        5. Tensile Strength:971Mpa max
        6. Impact Toughness:43J/cm2 max
      1. 97.5%WNiFe,97.5%WNiCu
      2. Density : 18.25-18.85 g/cm3
      3. Hardness: 35HRC max
      4. Elongation: 1 - 8%
      5. Tensile Strength:964Mpa max
      6. Impact Toughness:22J/cm2 max

  • Technological process: of wnife tungsten heavy alloy sheet and plate

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made in china poshing tungsten heavy alloy cylinders


  • Astronavigation , Missile, The aviation industry, eg: Gyro Rotor ;

  • Ordnance industry, eg:  Armor-piercing projectile ;

  • Mechanical Industries, eg: Casting Mould Material ;

  • Electronic Communications, eg: Mobile oscillator ;

  • Communications and transportation, eg: Balancing material ;

  • Medical treatment,eg:  Barrier - ray of CT machine.

           WNiFe tungsten sheet plate application.jpg



  • High radiation adsorption capability;

  • High impact resistance and crack resistance;

  • High ultimate tensile strength;

  • High temperature resistance;

  • Deep Processing property significantly increased;

  • Weldability and oxidation resistance greatly enhanced;              

  • Yield increase and cost reduction; 

  • A certain Magnetic;

  • Superior wearing resistance;

  • On-toxic and environmental friendly.

Company Information

made in china poshing tungsten heavy alloy cylinders

   We are committed to this industry for 11 years and can be trusted professional suppliers of wnife tungsten heavy alloy rod, bar, round, and cylinder. We are capable of completing the order tasks according to quantity and customer requirements.


Before delivery, the pictures of finished products ,packaging details and MTC will be send to our customer, When the customer satisfied with our product, we will promptly deliver goods. There is no deception, the pictures you see are consistent with the goods you receive.

Hanz bar rod company show.jpg


made in china poshing tungsten heavy alloy cylinders

Packaging:of 95%wnife tungsten heavy alloy rod bar and cylinder

Packing Details  : Plastic bags and kraft paper as inside, wooden case as outside.

Delivery Details : 2-15 workdays after order of wnife tungsten heavy alloy rod, bar, round, and cylinder.    

Customer's Feedback

made in china poshing tungsten heavy alloy cylinders

Professional reliable, work hard, patience with customers, Let the customer really experience to rest assured, intimate, and save worry new services. 

We are confident that once you choose us one time, you will follow us forever.




made in china poshing tungsten heavy alloy cylinders 

1.How to get a quotation?


   Size:diameter? length? or drawing.


   Quantity:How many pcs?

   Any others request about mechanical property?


2.Do you accept customed?

   Yes, we can according to your drawings processing.


3.What is the shipping cost?

    It mainly depends on weight, volume, packing size and destination port.


4.What's your delivery time?

    In stock, 1-2 days, if not, according to your quantity.

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made in china poshing tungsten heavy alloy cylinders

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If there's anything you need, please give us your size, quantity, application and drawing.

We will give you our very competitive price for wnife tungsten heavy alloy products.



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