Поставка Hangzhou Novaday, пластиковый прозрачный диспенсер для еды оптом, гравитационная корзина для супермаркетов

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8L  13L  19L  21L
Production Tech.
plastic injection + vac-formed
On-site Application
supermarkets,retail stores

8 Liters Dry Food Dispenser,PET Gravity Bins, Bulk Food Gravity Bin
Dry Food Dispensers are made from PET material.
The attractive features are the elegant black handle for the bulk food dispenser that closes by itself when not in use. The spout is easy to operate and reduces spillage. This food dispenser even has an extra lip for covering the exit of the food container,for the double air-seal for the food dispensers. This food dispenser is fashioned out of BPA-free transparent materials to keep the 19 liters of food on display. This food dispenser prevents UV light from penetrating and making the contents stale.
The gravity system and seamless design allow for the contents to pour out easily.
This food dispenser is great as a cereal container, food display, bulk food holder, coffee bean pourer, or any gravity bin
display. Use a bulk candy bin in any type venue where you need bulk dispensing. This food dispenser is perfect for cafeterias,universities, grocery stores, markets, hospitals, and hotels. A food dispenser, also known as a gravity bin is easy to disassemble and clean.

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