Популярный бренд призрачный перец чили Паприка красный порошок чили

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Company Promise:
Our Chili Raw Materials Are Completely Sourced From China.

Nuisanceless Paprika Raw Materials
With Quality Assurance
Indigenous Paprika from China is as delicious as it is vibrant.
Carrying Flavors:
Sweet, Earthy, Smoky, Piquant, Slightly Bitter, and Fiery.
Hand-selected For Flavor, Heat, Color And Purity.

Ghost Pepper
Oven Dried Ghost Pepper
Oven or Smoked Dried
Heat Level: 800,000-1,041,000 SHU
Hotness Scale: 10
Locality of Growth: China
H.S.CODE: 0904.2100.00

Turmeric Powder
Cinnamon Powder
20kg/Aluminium Foil Bag/Carton

Ginger Powder

Paprika Seeds Powder

Bejing Red Chili
Length: 5-7cm, 7-10cm
Scoville Scale: 0 to 3,500
Mouthfeel: Mild Taste
Color: Red
The flesh of the chili is sweet, succulent and more aromatic than that of the red bell pepper. Fresh chili may be found from late summer to early fall in specialty.

Packing/Loading Quantity:
Normal Packing Bag:12MTs/ 20FCL.
Compress Bale Package:26MTs/ 40FCL.
Vacuum Package: 24MTs/ 40FCL.
25 LBS/Carton:16MTs/40’FCL.

Guajillo Chile
1. Pods Length: 7-15cm.
2. Rated 2,500-5,000 Scoville units.
3. With a thick skin.
4. With a mild heat and slightly sweet.
5. With a subtle flavor compared to other chiles. 
6. With slightly fruity undertones, overall a more laid back flavor. 
7. It can enhance sauces and meat rubs, provide a flavor that you can’t get from any other chili.
Commonly used in salsas, soups, stews, and chile sauces.It’s also extremely popular in harissa chili paste.

Shredded Red Pepper
Gochugaru For Kimchi
Compressed Chili Package

Product Name
Shredded Red Pepper (Threadlike)
Scoville Heat Units
5000-30000 SHU
Foreign Material
Natural Red
No Speckle, No Mould, No Aflation, No Ochratoxin, No Salmonela
1% max
Typical of Chilli free of other smell
14% max
30 ppm max
 7% max

Products Name
100% Pure Chili Pepper Powder
Paprika ASTA
Chili Scoville Heat Units
Carton, Sealed Bag

Chili/Paprika  Crushed Mesh Size
Seed Rate
Scoville Heat Units
1-3 MM
25% Seed
8000, 13000, 18000, 20000-25000, 35000-70000, Customization
1-3 MM
8000, 13000, 18000, 20000-25000, 35000-70000, Customization
3-5 MM
40% Seed
13000, 18000, Customization
4-7 MM
40% Seed
18000, 20000-25000, Customization
4-7 MM
25% Seed

8000-10000, 20000-25000, Customization
4-7 MM
8000-10000, 13000, 20000-25000, Customization
5-20 Mesh
15% Seed
13000, 18000, 20000-25000, Customization
10 MM
13000, 18000, 20000-25000, Customization
7 MM
25% Seed
Yidu Chili Crushed, Customization
3 MM
America Red Chile, Customization
1-3 MM
40% Seed
Chaotian Chili, Customization
3-5 MM
25% Seed
Jinta Chili
Polybag/ Paper Bag
 640 Bags/16MT/20' FCL, 660 Bags/16.6 MT/20' FCL

Hot Sales:
2021 New Chili Products Are Best Selling In Japan/Euro/USA Market!
1. No Artificial Dyes.
2. No Additives.
3. 100% Pure, 100% Natural.
4. Mouth-watering Tasty.
5. Paramount Quality.

They are essential ingredients in cuisine worldwide.

Characteristics of Chaotian Chili Plant:
Plant height: up to 2 m
Stem colour: green
Leaf colour: green
Leaf size: 3–8 cm by 2–4 cm
Fruit colour at maturity: green, orange, or red
Fruit shape: conical
Fruit length: 2–3 cm
Fruit width at shoulder: 0.5 cm
Fruit weight: 2–3 g
Fruit surface: smooth
Seed colour: light tan
Seeds per fruit: 10–20

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