Сообщество вода торговый автомат самообслуживания диспенсер для воды, сумка для монет, карт чистой воды фильтр паяльная станция

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High Quality Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Machinery Systems

Product Description

Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment adopts pre filtration, reverse osmosis, mixed bed resin purification, dual wavelength ultraviolet digestion and other treatment technologies. The laboratory pure water machine is designed in an integrated way, which integrates pretreatment system, RO system, pure water system and post-treatment system, and is easy to operate and maintain.

Working Principle

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a kind of membrane separation process driven by pressure gradient. It can effectively remove dissolved salt colloids and organic matters in water like molecular filter. The reverse osmosis process is the reverse process of natural osmosis. In order to produce reverse osmosis process, it is necessary to use water pump to exert pressure on saline solution to overcome its natural osmotic pressure, so as to make water pass through the reverse osmosis membrane; At the same time, in order to prevent salt impurities in raw water from focusing on the membrane surface, concentrated water should continuously wash the membrane surface during operation, and take the impurities from the concentrated water and membrane surface to realize the whole process of reverse osmosis desalination and purification.

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1.What is Reverse Osmosis (RO)?
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Purifying water through pressure-driven separation. reverse osmosis (RO) is a pressure-driven separation process that employs a semipermeable membrane and the principles of cross flow filtration.Reverse osmosis water treatment provides the finest level of filtration. The RO membrane acts as a barrier to all salts and inorganic molecules, as well as organic molecules with a molecular weight greater than approximately 100 It is therefore a highly effective process for removing contaminants.

2.What is 5 Stages RO Water System?
First stage Pre-treatment.(Sand filter) Second stage Pre-treatment (Carbon filter) Third stage Pretreatment (Resin softener)Fourth stage Pretreatment (Micron filter) Fifth stage (RO system)

3.Application fields of water treatment:
1.Pure water, mineral water. (Bottled water, Barrel water)
2.Water for food and beverage production. (Ice maker)
3.Water for chemical industry, electronic industry, such as Hotel, Schools, Hospital, Restaurant, Boiler, Factory.
4.Water for medical use, high purity water for electronics industry.

4.Our advantages:
1. Rate of desalination up to 98%~99%2. Pure water obtaining rate is up to 75%
3. Continuously purifying water for 24 hours
4. PLC control automatic flushing function.
5. Optional UV sterlilizer & Ozone generator
6. Low operating cost and long life span.

5: Is this machine easy to install?
This machine is very easy for install. The machine you received is assembled. You will only need to follow steps on our English instruction and video.

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