Рождественские украшения, отличный светодиодный пиксельный светильник, rgb пиксельный светодиодный светильник, адресный светодиодный пиксельный светильник

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Products Description

Specifications for RGB Pixel LED Light :
1.View angle: 120-180degree
2.Working Voltage: DC5V/ 12V
3.Drive current per piece: 60mA
4.Power consunption piece: 0.6W
5.Changing color for attracting atention
6.led dimension is 8mm , hole diameter is 12mm.
7.single light can be cut arbitrarily
8.According to the height of the signs hanging, light center distance in n 2.5-5cm.
9. Full range of colors: RGB, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White
10. No shadow, low thermal resistance, low brightness degradation
11. Connect wires following positive and negative markings on the circuit board

Features for RGB Pixel LED Light :
1. Low wattage, energy efficient and major reduction in power costs
2. Virtually no maintenance
3. Low heat, high brightness, and works well under harsh conditions
4. Including 3m adhesive tape for convenient mounting
5. Full range of colors: red, yellow, blue, green, and white
6. Input voltage: 12V DC, professionally designed to be fully waterproof
7. IP 66 protection degree can be normally operated even in cloudy, rainy and snowy weather
8. Solid-state, high shock or vibration resistant
9. No RF interference
10. Long life 50,000hours+ ural decorative lighting
11. 18 AWG wire at 8cm space apart
12. Environmentally friendly – fully recyclable, no mercury or other hazardous materials

Application for RGB Pixel LED Light :
1.Backlight of signate,it can be widely used in channel letter,signs,light box for bar, KTV,entertainment,etc
2. Iron punching letter, led pixel light screen.
3. Channel letter backlighting
4. Avertisement sign backlighting
5. Architectural decorative lighting
6. Indoor and outside ilumination

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