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Electronic Grade Silica
Electronic silicon powder is a kind of inorganic non-metallic mineral functional powder material, which is made from natural high-quality low conductivity quartz ore and fused quartz by fine processing such as color separation, purification, magnetic separation, grinding and precision classification. Electronic silicon powder is designed for the packaging requirements of electronic components. It has the characteristics of high silica content, low ion content and low conductivity.

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Main Features

Main Features.
1. High purity, whiteness and uniform particle size distribution.
2. Low ion content and conductivity, excellent electrical insulation.
3. Stable chemical properties.
4. Good suspension and settlement resistance.
5. Acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, good insulation performance.
6. High wear resistance.


Widely used in insulating pouring of electronic components. The sintering temperature of electronic substrates (electronic ceramics) can be reduced by adding ultra-fine and ultra-pure quartz powder, and it can toughen, compact and enhance the strength of two-phase and multi-phase. It is the basic material for packaging adhesive products in the electronics industry. The electronic packaging materials used for LED, SMD, EMC electronic separation devices and electrical products are mainly waterproof, dust proof, harmful gas proof,vibration mitigation, external force damage prevention and circuit stability.

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