Сушеные Орехи, закуски, еда, сладкий орех, ядра, здоровое зеленое органическое масло

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Origin: Xinjiang, China
Located in the northwest of China close to Central Asia, Xinjiang spans over 1.6 million square kilometers, has traditionally been an agricultural region where owns excellent landscape and climate conditions for walnut production. Adequate irrigation water and irrigation facilities, rich resources in walnut cultivars, mature techniques for supporting the walnut cultivation, etc.
With the help of all above, Xinjiang walnut has the strong characteristics of being green, healthy and huge capacity,  as well as high nutritional value.

Category: walnut inshell
walnut kernel 
This is the best economic walnut kernel of light color in halves 80%-90% between extra light and light amber thanks to it's suitable but not bad color as well as the best price.
It is the most popular product on the wholesale and food market especially in Middle East and Russia. People will enjoy the good flavor of it but with lower price than others, what a good choice.
With the help of the Anuga in Germany, light walnut kernel is taking more and more market share. All the sellers and the consumers will like it.
Based on the basic products service, we will also provide the best certifications supply, like phytosanitary/ health/
quantity/quality certs, etc.

extra light / light
Crop year
Dry and Cool
hand cracked
under 5%
10kg /Vacuum bags with carton

Packing & Delivery

Packing is 10kg/ vacuum bag per carton box (custom made carton is available based on 40 tons)

About US
Hebei Suguo International Trade Co.,Ltd, 
we get first hand walnut resource from China’s biggest orchard Xinjiang, from dehulling to drying, cracking,separating and packing, every step of processing is under control, so that we can guarantee the qualified products to meet per of your needs. With the beginning of 2016 as the pioneer of walnut exporter in Hebei province, Suguo people open the the door of the worldwide walnut market and make the Chinese walnut known by global buyers through the famous food exhibition like, Anuga, Gulfood, World Food Moscow, etc.
But that is not enough, we would like to go far and go further, will you join us?



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