XOSS G + Простая установка велосипедные аксессуары устройство водонепроницаемый синий зуб ANT GPS велосипедный

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About This Item

1.Supporting devices for heart rate monitor, speed/cadence sensors are separate purchases.
2.Please refer to the tutorial videos for instructions before use.

【Professional APP Data Analytics】
With the Bluetooth connection, each of your rides can be synced to the XOSS APP, which provides powerful statistics and analysis to offer you a scientific ride.

【Sync to STRAVA】 
Bind your STRAVA account in the XOSS APP, you can automatically synchronize your riding track and data to STRAVA. Now, No need to use mobile phone, you can have STRAVA riding records when you are riding.

【Supports Heart Rate plus Cadence】 
You can connect XOSS G+ to heart rate monitors and cadence sensors via the ANT+ protocol. While you are enjoying your workout, G+ will record your exercise data all around for scientific analysis.

【Easy to Use】
XOSS G+ adopts three-dimensional positioning to obtain position, speed and other data, information, save you time in installation and tedious setup steps of traditional speedometer wiring.

Products Description

Product Name:
Working time:
25hrs Battery Life
500 mAh built-in lithium battery
LCD, 1.8inch
Supported Peripherals:
Speed sensor / Cadence sensor / heart rate monitor
Peripheral Connection:

Product packaging


1. Does the package include a heart rate monitor sensor and cadence sensor?
* No, only the bicycle computer. Sensors are available for purchase in the XOSS store.

2. What's the MOQ?
* 60pcs as the per box amount.

3. Why no GPS signal is found?
Please verify the following things:
* 1. You are using it in an outdoor environment (No obstructions above);
* 2. You have clicked the left button to start searching for GPS;
* 3. You’ve stayed still for a few minutes to find the signal faster.

4. How to switch km/mile?
Two methods:
* A. Open the bike computer and connect through the XOSS APP, click "Settings-Unit-Save"
* B. Long press the left and right buttons to enter the P2 interface and press the left button to switch.

5. How to set the time zone?
Two methods:
* A. Turn on the bike computer and suggest a connection through the XOSS APP, click "Settings- Time Zone-Confirm to synchronize the phone time zone-confirm"
* B. Enter the P3 interface of the cycling computer to set.

6. The main difference between G and G+?
* G+ can support the connection of heart rate monitor, speed/cadence sensors, but G cannot.

7. Can it be used on indoor spinning bikes or cycling platforms?
* No.

8. How to set the wheel diameter when using the speedometer?
* Long press the left and right buttons to enter the P1 interface and press the left button to set wheel diameter.

9. What is the problem with DFU displayed on the screen?
* There may be firmware bugs, please send messages to us to solve the issue.

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