Маслопресс Jerrate 304 из нержавеющей стали для домашнего использования

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304 Stainless Steel Making S Coconut Oil Press With Oil Filter

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product material304 food grade stainless steelproduct weight


Motor Power150W 250Wmotor typeindustrial silk pure copper motor
product voltage50Hz ~ 110V/220Vproduct scale460x160x280mm


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Q: How long does the intelligent oil press work at a time and how many raw materials can be squeezed at a time?

A: The working hours are unlimited.


Q: Can the oil press be hot pressed and cold pressed? What is hot pressing? What is cold pressing?

A: Everything is OK. The oil yield of hot pressing is higher than that of cold pressing, but the nutritional value is not as healthy as that of cold pressing. Hot pressing means that the raw materials are heated and fried before being put into the machine, and then put into the machine to extract oil. Cold pressing means that the raw materials are not heated before being put into the machine. Direct pressing after preheating of the oil press is cold pressing.


Q: How much oil can the intelligent oil press extract at a time? What is the oil yield?

A: It is determined according to the materials and operation modes. The effects of different materials and different operation modes do not ask.


Q: Can the oil press mix and squeeze blended oil?

A: You can mix oil.


Q: What material is the chamber and rod made of? What material is the exterior made of?

A: The press chamber is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, with high strength and good wear resistance. There will be no chemical reaction during pressing. The exterior is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperature and dirt. It is easy to clean. The importance of edible oil to human body.

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