Умный программируемый 4-20Ma передатчик

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Product Description

RTD Parameter at Normal Temperature
Signal type
Suggested range
Temperature drift(per ℃)
Resistance Signal
-200 ~ 850℃
-200 ~ 850℃
-50 ~ 150℃
-50~ 150℃

Fieldbus temperature module’s power and bus signal share a pair of cable, and it is called bus cable. It is suggested the user use fieldbus special cable recommended by IEC61158-2.

The signal cable and bus cable cannot share wires or wire slot with other device power wire, and they shall be away from device with high power.
The shielded wires of bus ends shall be connected to the ground.

NCS-TT106 smart temperature module, using the fieldbus technology, is a new generation of smart fieldbus temperature transmitter and it is an indispensable field device for process control. NCS-TT106 transmitter integrates abundant function blocks and realizes not only general measurement function but also complicated control strategy.

NCS Series of Intelligent Transmitters are digital, intelligent, network-based, merged with advanced, reliable and stable sensor technology, to be designed as a new generation of Fieldbus Intelligent Transmitter.
NCS Series of Intelligent Transmitter have been designed with high precision and high reliability, high stability. The pressure, temperature, currents and other physical quantities are displayed on LCD module. Zero drift, range settings and many other functions, are realized by the magnetism bar operation. The interoperability between different systems and equipments are realized by the Equipment Description Document, which is compatible to a variety of device management software, and adapting to harsh electromagnetic environment. NCS Series of Intelligent Transmitter have been used in inflammable and explosive places according to Intrinsically Safety Design.

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