Контейнер для живой рыбы под заказ, контейнеры, контейнеры, изолированные контейнеры

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1000L live fish container

live fish container for transportaion, live fish box


key feature

•Use of imported high quality raw materials, non-toxic harmless, anti-ultraviolet radiation.
•Use of one molding technology, products, high strength, durable.
•PU foam layer, has a good thermal insulation effect of cold storage.
•Large volume, high capacity, suitable for a large number of articles placed.
•Cover easily detachable box and the objects are kept.
•Install rubber seal lid can play the role of a good seal.
•Rubber locking, can lid firmly fixed, not easy to fall off during handling.
•Cabinet design integrated handle to facilitate manual handling.
•Forklift box below the hole, to facilitate forklift loading, unloading and handling.


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