Высокочистый кварцевый песок для кварцевого тигеля

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High purity quartz sand for quartz crucible


Fused Silica


Fused silica is manufactured from silica sand, through high temperature fusion,

cooling,smash, and selecting. The powder is produced using fused silica lump

as material, it’s white powder of high purity and amorphous. With the quality of

low linear expansion coefficient, low stress and low radioactivity.



The content of oxidized silicon in fused silica is above 99.99%.The Mosh hardness of

fused alumina is6.0.

Size Available

0-1mm, 1-2mm, 1-3mm, 3-5mm, 2-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-50mm;

4/6, 6/16, 16/30, 30/60, 60/120, 100mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh;

Micropowder is available as required.


1 Used in precision casting.

2 Refractories and optical glass manufacturing.

3 Grinding wheel abrasives and high quality glass production.

4 Mainly applied in plastic seal used in large-scale and extra large-scale integrate circuit.

5 Epoxy resin, pouring, quartz rubber and other chemical industries.



Product Description

Fused Silica Sand Application

Electronics Industry: high purity metallic silicon, communication optical fiber

Rubber, plastic field: used as filling, can improve the abrasive resistance

Coating industry: used as fillings, can improve the weather ability

Metallurgical industry, ceramic and fiereproofing material

High quality glass raw material: plate glass, float glass, optical glass, glass instrument, conductive glass

Grinding material, crucible manufacturing

Semi-conductivity industry, raw material for electric baseplate

Metallurgy industry: used in precision casting, gringding wheel abrasives

Epoxy resin, pouring, quartz rubber and other chemical industries

Packaging & Shipping



1. Material: PP bag;Woven bag.According to customer requirements.
2. Variety of bag: 25kg bag, 50kg bag, ton bag/jumbo bag
3. 20ft container: 5.85m X2.23m X2.15m, 28cbm, can load 20-25tons sand.
4.40ft container: 12.05m X2.12mX1.96m, 50cbm, can load 30-35tons sand.

Shipping: 5days after the payment

Company Information



Wansha Mineral Processing Factory is located in Lingshou County which is famous for its rich minerals mainly as the silica sand, Color sand,Kaolin,Vermiculite,Coral sand,colored sand, tourmaline powder . The production of Good quality Colored sand is 3000 ton per month , so that we can be a good supplier for the long time cooperation.



1. Is the sample free?
Yes, of course.
2. How to get a sample?
Option 1: Give us your foreign address and phone number by email or phone, and the basic info. of product like shape / size / weight /color etc., we will send to you at our earliest convenience.
Option 2: Give us your address of China Agent if you have, and the phone no., basic info. of product like shape/size/weight/color etc., we will send to your agent at our earliest convenience.
3. How to contact you?
Email to us, or directly call us.


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