Волшебная Летающая бабочка, подарочные открытки-заводная бабочка в книге, Сказочная игрушка, отличный Сюрприз на свадьбу

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Magic Flying Butterfly Gift Cards - Wind Up Butterfly in The Book Fairy Toy Great Surprise Wedding
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This product is a magic butterfly that can fly. The operation method is simple. You can hold the tail of the butterfly in your
left hand and turn the head of the butterfly around 40 times with your right hand, and then release your hands at the same
time.This product is similar to a wind-up toy, which does not highlight how far it can fly, but just shows the function and
dynamics of flying. It is not really able to fly, but an upward force generated by the rubber band's torque, which will fall down
after the rubber band's torque is released.
Classrooms, bookmarks, pranks

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