Литой сорт Chromite руда песок chromite для заполнения ковша на стальном заводе

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Chrome Ore:
Chromite sand ,Its main chemical composition is Cr2O3, This kind of sand heating volume is stable , High thermal conductivity , sand molten metal contact , not only has a good alkali slag resistance , not with iron oxide and other chemical reaction , and itself has the characteristics of solid phase sintering , can well prevent the penetration of molten metal , avoid sand defects ,suitable for all kinds of stainless steel , Alloy steel and carbon steel gradually modeling core sand and paint .
Chromite sand , Is a special kind of sand for casting , It is a natural spinel mainly composed of chromite ,It is crushed , ground and screened into specified grain size , which is suitable for molding (core-making ) sand


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Chrome Ore package:25kg bag

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Henan Keer Metallurgy Material Co.,Ltd is a diversified development enterprise integrating scientific research, production and operation. The company is specialized in the production and research of refining slag. Refining slag.electric melting pre-melting multi-functional refining slag, synthetic refining slag, high magnesium refining slag, high aluminium refining slag, high calcium refining slag, calcium aluminate powder, which are mainly used as various additives in the refining part of iron and steel plant and steelmaking process.

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