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Product Description

Neon signs are perfect decorations for birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties, weddings, baby showers and any special occasion. They’re fantastic photo opportunities for your guests and a great way to brighten up the bar, jazz up the dance floor or lighten up the dining area of your next celebration.

Advantages:-flex led neon light sign decorative custom led neon light 

1. Low voltage: 6-24v,safe for public use
2. Low energy consumption: educed by 80% compared with incandescent lamps with the same luminous efficiency
3. Flexibility: suitable for any shape with 3-5mm led module, 
4. High stability: 00 thousand hours, the light decay is 50% of the initial.
5. Response time: the response time of incandescent lamp is millisecond, and that of LED lamp is nanosecond
6. Environmental pollution: no harmful metal mercury.
7. Color: the color can be changed by changing the current. The LED can easily adjust the band structure and band gap of the material through chemical modification to achieve red, yellow, green, blue and orange multi-color luminescence. For example, when the current is small, the red LED can turn






Color board

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Production process

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Cases and reviews


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-------------------------------Customer Reviews-----------------------------

customer reviews



Q1: What is the warranty of your products? 

A1: 2 years for neon sign, 2 years for adapter. 

Q2: What is working temperature?

A2:  Working a wide temperature from -40 °C to 80 °C.

Q3: Can you manufacture custom shapes, designs and letters?

A3: Yes, We can make the shapes, designs, logos and letters that customer need.

Q4: How to get the price for my product?

A4: You can send the details of your design to our email or contact our online trade manager

A4:.All of the above prices are calculated by the widest point; if the length and width exceeds 1meter, then they will be calculated by square meter

Q5: I don’t have the drawing, can you design it for me?

A5: Yes, we can design it for you according to your effect you want it to be

flex led neon light sign decorative custom led neon light 

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