Титановый диффузионный камень для аэрации, тонкий пузырьковый диффузор, Спеченный Металл, нано-Воздушный камень, микронный фильтр

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titanium aeration diffusion stone fine bubble diffuser
It is porous (0.45~100um) material by pure titanium metal powder through cold isostatic pressing and vacuum sintering, and then made into gas feeding device by different combinations.

Advantages and Application

Application fields
1. Ozone sterilization aeration of pure water and mineral water
2.Ozone aeration of Industrial wastewater
3.Aeration tank aeration of domestic sewage
4.Ozone aeration of petrochemical wastewater

Performance feature
1.All welded connection, no air leakage
2.Uniform pore size, narrow distribution range, small bubbles
3.High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent oxidation resistance
4.No particle shedding, no secondary pollution to the stock solution
5.Light in quality, easy to install and disassemble


Spherical titanium Diffuser / Aeration
Made of spherical titanium aeration disk, compact titanium plate and compact titanium welded together.

Spherical titanium aeration disk is sintered by Gr1 pure titanium powder.
100mm, 150mm, 180mm
4” ( ZG1/2”) or 6” with female or male screw, tower type

Flate type titanium Diffuser / Aeration
Composed of titanium filter plate, 316L stainless steel shell, 316L stainless steel flange, aerator rubber gasket.
1) Titanium filter plate is sintered by Gr1 pure titanium powder.
2) Aerator rubber ring is special design of leak proof rubber ring. 
3) Aeration shell and flange could be change the material as client's requirement, for example titanium, 2205 stainless steel, 310S stainless steel and so on.
100mm, 150mm, 200mm
4” ( ZG1/2”) or 6” with female or male screw, tower type

Company Profile

Baoji Qixin Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. was built in 2006. The company is private enterprise and focus on production and research of electrochemical industrial coated titanium Anode for Electrolysis, Titanium jigs, titanium aeration diffusion and other related titanium products.

The factory covers an area of about 16000 square meters and has more than 200 employees.
Our absolute professional service and excellent products to build a win-win and long-term business relationship with you!We can give you feedback within 24 hours.Your order can be completed in the shortest time with the best quality.Welcome to contact us at any time!

Address: Xuguang Industrial Park , Maying town,in Baoji, Shaanxi, China
Telephone number / whatsapp: +8613759759535

e-mail: sara@mmo-anode.com

Packing & Delivery

Packing details
Plywood cases or cartons is better as the outside package.
Inside of the Plywood cases,inside the plastic bag or foam paper to prevent titanium solar aerator pump from being scratched.
Most importantly,we must ensure the products safe during shipping and you pay less freight.

Shipping terms
Below is the shipping terms we usually suggest. By Express: FedEX, DHL, TNT, SF etc. Most importantly,the products
will be shipped according to customers’ demands.

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