Смартфон Xiao-Mi Qin F21 Pro 4G Android 11 кнопочная панель сенсорный экран Поддержка Языков Настройка

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What is the current version?
This mobile phone is specially developed and customized to meet the basic needs of foreign users in China to use GoogIe and other services.

It has a built-in GoogIe store, you can download the application in the Google store and use it in the GoogIe store

Is this the official version?
No, it is not. In order to make it more convenient for users abroad in China, it is specially customized and developed by our
technical staff.

This Qin F21 pro is a smart phone, but the application installation is restricted. This version of F21Pro can easily download applications without restriction
Small phones also have big things Enjoy the fun of smartphones


Google services
In previous versions of QinF21 Pro, you were probably having trouble using Google services.

No need to worry now!

Google Store
You can download various software in this phone and enjoy the fun of smart phone

Thin and light body
After opening the box, saw the body of the phone, the angular design, the feel is a bit like i12, the frame is right-angled, and the volume is estimated to be very small At only six or seven centimeters, has a really good grip,Very suitable for children to hold .

Design and imagination
Does the 2.8-inch screen and the physical numeric keyboard of No-kia remind you of span-4span? But this phone is different from the previous No-kia candy bar. For example, in addition to the physical buttons, the screen of a multi-pro mobile phone is a touch screen. For another example, there are cameras at the front and rear, and the position of the front camera is very clever. It is at the position of the pound key in the lower right corner, which is a very creative design. For another example, it is a Type C interface, which is more convenient for charging and data transmission. In addition, it also supports infrared remote control, Xiao-Ai and other functions. So in terms of software and hardware, they are very distinctive.


Technology and System
On the touch screen, the 2.8-inch screen is not too big, and the resolution of 480×640 is okay. No graininess at normal distance, and the display effect is decent . The desktop sliding left and right is also very smooth, there is no sense of lag. Looking at the phone system information, even the Android 11 version, it is a bit ironic. A student phone is newer than the system version ofmany big-name Android phones..

1. Who are we?
We are headquartered in Shandong, China. Starting in 2020, we will export electronic products to Africa, Central
Asia, Europe, America, and Europe.

2. How do we guarantee quality?

Before mass production, always provide pre-production samples;

Always perform a final inspection before shipment;

3. What can you buy from us?

Functional & smart phones, speakers,

data cables and other consumer electronic products

4. Can the price be discounted?

We set prices according to the quantity of products you buy, the more the quantity, the lower the price, And if you are our old
customer. We will notify you as soon as we have a price reduction event

5. Why did you choose us?

We cooperate with the factory to sell genuine mobile phones to ensure preferential prices

6. What services can we provide?

Acceptable payment currency: common
currency; Acceptable payment method: international general wire transfer; Language ability: all languages

7. Can buyers get samples to check the quality before mass production?

Yes, the sample price is the same as the general product price

8.Why sometimes the buyer’s freight is higher?

Due to distance and customs policy, the product contains batteries. Shipping costs
vary by country/region

9.What if the buyer has other product requirements but not in our shop?

You can send us an inquiry and tell us your needs, we will contact the factory, if we find the product you need, we will put it
on the commodity shelf, you can see whether it meets your needs and the price is appropriate, and then decide whether to place an

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