Штекер Y50DP-1606TJ2P1/разъем Y50DP-1606ZK11-2P1 круглый разъем зажимного патрона корпус источника питания электрического соединителя

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This series of electrical connectors conforms to the standard of GJB101A-1997, which is an extension of Y50X, and the shape and mounting size of the plug and socket of the power supply series with the same housing number can be
matched with each other. Its connection mode adopts bayonet connection, specific quick connection and separation, small volume, light weight, good environmental resistance and other characteristics, suitable for large current power supply series connection.


Product Name
Circular electrical connector
Aluminum alloy,Stainless steel,Navy copper
Working temperature
Relative humidity
At 40℃±2℃, 90%~95%
Work pressure
10~2000Hz,Acceleration 196m/s2
Mechanical life
Plug and pull≥500 times

Company Profile

Taixing chuanghang electric connector co., LTD. Is a professional company engaged in the research, development and production of electrical connectors.Our company has been engaged in this line for eight years.
The company's main products are GJB599,Y2, YP, Y4, Y11, Y17, Y50, Y27, XC, JY, YM, YGD, XS12 series of circular electrical connectors and J14, J30J series of rectangular electrical connectors, in line with the national military standard GJB599A,GJB598A-96,GJB2889,GJB101A-1997 and other standards, a total of more than 1000 specifications.
Products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, naval ships, weapons, communications, railways, medical instruments, automobiles, petroleum exploration and other fields. The product has the function of three prevention, high density, high reliability, electromagnetic compatibility and other characteristics, and can be developed and produced for all kinds of users of various special electrical connectors, to meet customer needs.
The company will rely on the development of science and technology, scientific management, emphasis on quality, reputation, with high quality products and services for the development of national defense to make new and greater contributions! The company warmly welcomes domestic and foreign merchants light supervision cooperation and create business!

Product Description

Hole location arrangement

Plug shape and cable installation size

Product process

Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.


1. What is the maximum current?
The current is limited by the wire number of the electrical connector and its termination.

2. What is the rated current?
The rated current should be based on the number of cores actually used to check the Q value of the rated current reduction rate of the contact (refer to the table below). Then, according to the formula: rated current of single contact I额 ≥ working current of single contact II÷(1-Q), select the appropriate contact pair diameter and contact type spectrum of electrical connector.

3. What is the maximum voltage?
The maximum voltage depends on the gap between the circuits (i.e. contact spacing and creepage distance) and the insulation material used in the connector.

4. What is the operation and usage of electrical connection?
When the plug of the connector is connected with the socket, because the plug and socket have blind insertion function, first insert the head guide into the socket, and then rotate the plug. After the five key position is positioned, then rotate the nut clockwise, the three clip quickly enters into the three curve groove, and then rotate about 120 ° to hear the "click" sound. At this time, the plug and socket have been correctly positioned, and the plug and socket have been locked Lock.
When separating, gently push the connecting nut forward, and rotate it counterclockwise, the plug and socket will separate
smoothly. When the connector is connected, it must be terminated according to the corresponding contact number.
Before the connector is locked, do not use it with power on.

5. What should be marked in the order description?
Product name and model;
Optional accessory models (as required);
The optional cable accessories, crimping tools and other special tools need to be ordered separately;
If users have special requirements for electrical connectors, we will wholeheartedly meet the requirements of users, improve or develop new electrical connectors.

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