Автоматическая машина для нанесения этикеток, машина для подсчета капсул, линия для розлива бутылок, производственная линия

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Bottle unscrambler HBU-A160

1. Suitable for round bottles of various sizes
2. Customizable unscrambling tray
3. Save labor cost
4. With bottle of quantitative detection and control excessive overload protection device
5. Production capacity is as high as 60~160 bottles per minute

Counting And Packing Machine DJL-16

Automatic Desiccant Inserting Machine HDI-C120

1. suitable for all kinds of round ,oblate,square and flat square bottle with different size and materials
2. Durable knife edge,shear with accuracy and reliability and it won’t broke the drying agent
3. It has the function of no bottle no work,fault self examining,drying agent won’t in the bottle and any other check warning control functions

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Capping Machine HCS-D902

1. Suitable 20 ~ 500 ml round, oblate, square, flat square bottle
2. It has many inspection and alarm control functions such as no bottle, no cover, no work
3. Production capacity is as high as 50 ~ 120 bottles per minute

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Water-cooled Induction Sealing Machine HIS-M2

1. Suitable for 15~1000ml round,oblate,square,flat square bottle,bottleneck diameter(15~130mm)
2. It will reminder in time and stop automatically if the sealing rate is too small or too big

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Round Bottle Labeling Machine HRL-T1

1. Suitable for 15 ~ 500ml round square bottle
2. Adopt pre-labeling system, stable label output, good labeling flatness and high position accuracy
3. Production capacity is as high as 30 ~ 120 bottles per minute

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Bottle Collector HBC-T2

1. Suitable for 15 ~ 750 ml round, square flat square bottle, especially suitable for larger size bottles
2. The diameter of the turntable can be customized
3. Convenient replacement: no need to change accessories when changing bottles, just simple adjustment

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Product packaging

Because of the large number of machines. We draw a schematic diagram of the loading in advance, and go to the warehouse to supervise the loading, and guide the loading workers to load all the machines in order.

Company Profile

Herun Machinery (Shanghai) Co. Limited, located in Shanghai, is a professional manufacturing and trading company for pharmaceutical machinery, with CE certificates covering all the equipments we produced. Herun Machinery is member of China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipments, supplying generally 6 categories of products, such as mixer, tablet press machine, coating machine, automatic capsule filling machine, blister packing machine, counting and packing machine, to pharmaceutical and food industry.

We have a top R&D team to control the standardized process in the production and make our machines to meet at maximum the customer's strict requirements. We provide OEM/ODM, and after-sales service to overseas customers. Customers of more than 20 countries choose us for the cooperation because of our professional experience of 12 years.

Why Choose Us


Q1: Where is your factory? How can I visit your factory?
A1: Our factory is located in Shanghai. We are warmly welcome you to visit the production base if you have a travel plan.
Q2: How can I know your machine is designed for my product?
A2: If you don't mind, you can send us material sample and we test it on the machine. During that time, we will take video and clear ,pictures for your reference. If possible, we even can hold video conversation online with you.
Q3: How can I trust you for the first transaction?
A3: Please note that our above business licenses and certificates. And if you don't trust us, we can use Alibaba
Trade Assurance service. it will protect your money during the whole transaction.
Q4: How about the after service and guarantee period?
A4: We make the warranty of 12 months from the machine's arrival in buyer's facility. With a professional team of experienced technicians, we can serve abroad and do the best after-sale service to assure the machine's perfect operation.
Q5: How can we contact you?
A5: Please leave a message and click "send" to send us an inquiry.
Please find our contact information on this page, then you can communicate with us by Email,
WeChat, Skype, WhatsApp, QQ, Facebook, phone, etc.

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