Сельскохозяйственная оросительная система, дисковый фильтр для воды, очиститель для дома

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Products Description

Product Name
auto backwash disc filter
High efficient filtration
Injection moulding
Cylinder housing
reinforced PA6 with glass fiber added
Connection Size
2"x3 units with 4" pipe
Max Flow
78 m³/h
Filtration Surface
4560 cm2
Max Working Pressure
10 BAR
Filtration Grade
50-200 micron
Water Temperature Range
0 ~ 65 °C
Min. Operating Working Pressure During Backwash
Head Loss
0.3-0.6 BAR

Centrifugal Filtration:
Helix creates centrifugal action optimizes the filtration performance and reduce backwash frequency and maintenance.
Disc Filtration with Maximum Safety:
All components are made of high quality virgin materials,unique design guarantee an extended life with high resistance.
Modular Construction:
Versatility and compatibility of filter permits system a wide range of flow and configurations, easy to install and maintenance.
Low maintenance:
No tools needed for filter system maintenance, easy handing and assembling.
Exclusive piston system:
A piston system to compact the filter elements allows for easy decompression of the disc stack during backwash.
Water and energy saving:
High efficiency filtration system and backflush system save the water and energy.

G2000 filter systems can be widely used at agriculture irrigation, industrial water treatment, garden and landscape irrigation, livestock farming water filtration etc.

Auto Backwash Filtration System Working Principle
Auto backwash filtration system can reach one station at a time. While one unit backflushing,another units continue filtering and provide clean water for the irrigation system.

through the inlet manifold and two-
position three-way valves into the
filtering units. The Helix plate
generates a centrifugal helical
effect moving the big particles away
from the discs. The water then
passes efficiently through the
grooved discs and the particulates
are prevented in the depth of the
discs stack.

BACKWASH STAGE: When pressure differential reaching the value pre-set on the controller,backwash process is triggered. Backwash control valve close the inlet connection and open the drainage connection.The clean water from the auxiliary filter is introduced from the reverse direction through the filtering element. This process decompresses the stack of discs, allowing the discs to seperate and backwash efficiently. The solid dirt are expelled from the discs and evacuated through the drainage manifold. The filtration process then restarts with the compression of the discs.

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Q1. Are you manufacturer or trade company?
We are a manufacturer specialized in both Garden & Agriculture Watering Irrigation.

Q2.Where's your factory located?
Our factory is located in Ningbo city, ZhejiangProvince.

Q3. Can you offer the sample?
We can offer samples for testing, the sample cost and freight cost will be buyer's side.

Q4. How long can I expect to get the sample?
Usually it will takes 3-5 working days.

Q5. What is your MOQ?
MOQ usually is 200-1000pcs for manual filters and 2-3 sets for filtration system. If you have the special request, let's discuss it.

Q6. What's your delivery time?
The delivery time is about 25 days.

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