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Products Description

The SD22 is a large horsepower, advanced technology bulldozer. An exhaust turbocharger ensures uninterrupted performance at altitudes up to 3200m. Hydraulic drive and control technology deliver reliable performance and easy control.

Shantui's best-seller worldwide, this is a medium-duty workhorse that comes off the factory line in various configurations for specific work environments, e.g. desert, swamp, forest, high altitude, etc.The SD16 provides high performance with strong reliability, with Shantui's trademark value.

* Weichai WP12, adopted Steyr technology, creates the four-valve special power for the 220HP bulldozers, fully enhancing the
engine torque and meeting the power demand better.
* Chongqing Cummins (Tier II) Mechanical Engine: mature and steady technology, low cost and easy to maintain
* Chongqing Cummins (NS III) Electronic-controlled Engine

Bulldozers should have better thermal balance when working in high-temperature environment such as rainforests and deserts.
Standard SD22F adopts pipe-fin enlarged water tank and SD22D adopts pipe-belt enlarged water tank, whose heat dispersion has increased by 30% compared with ordinary water tanks. Other models can also be optionally configured with the enlarged water tank as actually needed.

* The ergonomic hexahedral cab features large space and excellent visual field.
* The cab is configured with Tianjin Grammer’s seats, which greatly enhance the seating comfort
* The safety walking passage system of the machine guarantees the driver’s safety

* Intelligent large-screen display for automatic fault diagnosis and real-time protection of equipment.
* Equipped with Weichai 93 sand filter, with good durability and long replacement cycle.
* Fuel filter, oil filter centralized arrangement, one-stop maintenance.
* The lubrication points of the key parts are taken out and the maintenance is more convenient.

* It adopts single-stage, single-phase, and three-component hydraulic torque converter with a simple and reliable structure; enhances the automatic adaptability of the bulldozer, isolates the vibration transfer between engine and gearbox, and enhances the smoothness and comfort of the bulldozer operation.
* It adopts three forward gears and three reverse gears, power gear shift, planetary gear, multi-plate clutch, hydraulic
combination, and forced lubrication gearbox with fast and easy operation, high drive efficiency, and high reliability.
* Central drive: includes spiral bevel gear, one-stage deceleration, and splash lubrication with high drive power, high
reliability and low noise.
* Steering clutch: includes wet type, multi-plate type, spring compression type, and normal joint type with easy operation and reliable separation.
* Steering brake: includes wet type, floating type, direct clutch type, hydraulic power assisted type, and linkage operation with steering clutch, with easy operation and easy adjustment.
* Final drive: includes two-stage deceleration of straight gear, and has configurations of standard type and wet-land type according to different working conditions.

Technical Specifications

Model & type
Cummins NT855-C280S10; In-line, water cooled 4-cycle,
overhead valve direct injection, turbocharged diesel
Gross power: 175/235/1800 kW/HP/rpm //
Net power: 162/220/1800 kW/HP/rpm
Number of cylinders
6—139.7 x 152.4 mm (bore x stroke)
Piston displacement
14.01 L
Min. fuel consumption
205 g/kW·h
Maximum torque
1030 N·m@1250rpm
Power transmission system
Torque converter
3-element, 1 stage, 1 phase
Planetary gear, multi-disc clutch, power shift, forced lubrication
Main drive
Spiral bevel gear, splash lubrication,
single-stage speed reduction
Steering clutch
Wet, multi-disc, spring loaded, hydraulically separated,
hydraulic control
Steering brake
Wet, floating band, foot brake with hydraulic booster
Final drive
2-stage speed reduction of spur gear, splash lubrication
Travel speed
0~3.6 km/h
0~6.5 km/h
0~11.2 km/h
0~4.3 km/h
0~7.7 km/h
0~13.2 km/h
Swing type of sprayed beam,
suspended structure of equalizer bar
Carrier rollers
2 each side
Track rollers
6 each side
Track type
Assembled, single-grouser
Width of track shoes
560/610/660 mm
216 mm
Maximum pressure
14 MPa
Pump type
Gear pump
262 L/min
Bore of working cylinder × no.
120 mm × 2
Blade Type
Dozing capacity
6.4 m 3
4.7 m 3
7.5 m 3
7.0 m 3
(Theoretical value 40 m)
330 m 3 /h
245 m 3 /h
391 m3/h
365 m 3 /h
Blade width
3725 mm
4365 mm
3800 mm
3725 mm
Blade height
1315 mm
1055 mm
1343 mm
1374 mm
Maximum drop below ground
540 mm
535 mm
540 mm
540 mm
Lifting height of blade
1210 mm
1290 mm
1210 mm
1210 mm
Weight of blade
2830 kg
3254 kg
3419 kg
3419 kg
Maximum digging
depth of 3-shank ripper
666 mm
Maximum lift above ground
555 mm
Weight of 3-shank ripper
2495 kg
Maximum digging
depth of single ripper
695 mm
Maximum lift above ground
515 mm
Weight of single ripper
2453 kg

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