Китайский гусеничный бульдозер мощностью 160 л.с. и 4,5 куб. М DH16

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Chinese 160Hp 4.5cbm Capacity Crawler Bulldozer DH16

Product Description

Power System

  • The installed N67 electronic control engine conforms to the EPA Tier4 final/EU Stage IV emission regulation, featuring stronger power and higher energy-saving and environmental-friendliness. The after-treatment system adopts HI-eSCR technology, requiring no external EGR. The 600h oil maintenance interval reduces the maintenance costs. 

  • The Shan.tui’s innovative hydrostatic drive optimization technology is applied to achieve higher efficiency and energy-saving. The multiple operating modes are at the user’s choice depending on the load of actual working condition to realize the reasonable match among power, efficiency, and energy consumption.

  • Standard mode - It can provide strong power performance and excellent operating control performance for the operator.

  • Power mode - It can provide stronger power performance to meet your higher needs for heavy-load condition.

Control system

  • The double-module (Function and safety) controller architecture verifies with each other to achieve higher safety and reliability.

  • The multiple functions, including multiple steering modes, hydraulic oil low temperature control, automatic low idling, fan reversing, and seat safety switch, are provided to achieve higher intelligence, higher efficiency, and higher safety of the machine.

  • The malfunction self-diagnosis function is provided to accurately indicate the malfunction cause and orientation and shorten the downtime.

  • The service software with distinct access hierarchy features high simpleness and practicability and easy learning and understanding.

  • The GPS automatic leveling systems, including Trimble, Topcon, Leica, and Moba, can be installed to meet the user needs under precision leveling condition and improve the efficiency.

Product Parameters

Parameter nameDH16-K2 XL (Extended version)DH16-K2 LGP(Low ground pressure version)
Performance parameters  
Operating weight (Kg)17635kg/38879lb (With drawbar)18800kg/41447lb (With drawbar)
Ground pressure (kPa)50 (With 560mm track shoes)/45.9 (With 610mm track shoes)36.9
Engine modelN67N67
Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm)142/2100142/2100
Overall dimensions  
Overall dimensions of machine (mm)5800*3400*31805800*4011*3180
Driving performance  
Forward speed (km/h)0-100-10
Reversing speed (km/h)0-100-10
Chassis System  
Center distance of track (mm)20402350
Width of track shoes (mm)560/610810
Ground length(mm)30753075

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