Бульдозер 816/816D Гусеничный Трактор БУЛЬДОЗЕР с системой гидростатического привода

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Bulldozer 816/816D Track Type Tractor Dozer with Hydrostatic Drive System

Product Description

Hydrostatic Drive System

  • Upgraded hydrostatic system not only leverages automatic, dual path, hydrostatic drive with electronic control technology of the third generation TTT, but also increases efficiency and reliability.

  • Adopt Rexroth German new generation one case drive pump to combine control valve, track motor, simplified hose line design, continue to increase the reliability.

  • high pressure hose provides reliability and durability. control technology provides accurate control and high transmission efficiency.

  • Integrated the hydrostatic oil tank and implement hydraulic oil tank to improve filtrated precision and cooling capability of hydraulic system, increasing reliability and reducing maintenance cost.

  • Maintenance costs are reduced by 60% when compared competitors with torque converter and transmission and rear axle.

  • Counter rotation, power turn and infinitely variable speed save lots of time,increasing working efficiency.

Comfortable Operation

  • Counter rotation—Tracks counter rotate to provide best in class maneuverability.

  • Powered turn—Machine maintains full power through turns to increase productivity.

  • Cruise control — Operators can retain previous speed settings which makes operation easily.

  • Multi-function joystick allows for counter-rotation, powered turn and cruise control.

  • Pilot joystick control provides comfortable precise blade operation.

Semi-Universal Blade

  • SU blade combines the excellent penetration of the S blade and the high production capacity of the U blade.

  • Designed for superior load retention and penetration in tightly packed materials.

  • L-shaped push arms bring the blade closer to the machine, providing excellent maneuverability, balance and blade penetration.

  • Blades feature a strong box section design, made from high tensile strength steel to stand up to the most severe applications.

Product Parameters

Model816D816D LGP816D DS816D CH
Main Specifications 
Operating Weight16,900kg19,490kg19,760kg17,160kg
Ground Pressure66.8kPa31.1kPa34.8kPa61.8kPa
Ground Clearance410mm410mm410mm410mm
Max. Slope30°30°/30°
Engine ModelWD10G178E25WD10G178E25WD10G178E25WD10G178E25
Rated Power131kW131kW131kW131kW
Working Tool 
Blade Capacity4.3m³ / 3.5m³3.4m³3.4m³5.6m³
Blade Width3,180mm / 3,590mm4,410mm4,410mm3,580mm
Blade Height1,240mm / 1,165mm1,000mm1,000mm1,400mm
Max. Blade Digging Depth430mm / 430mm470mm470mm430mm
Max. Blade Lift Ground Clearance1,041mm / 1,041mm1,055mm1,055mm1,041mm
Max. Output Rimpull280kN280kN280kN280kN
Max. Digging Depth of Ripper584mm//584mm
Max. Clearance Under Tip615mm//615mm


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