20 мм 3D; Обувь с блестящими стразами защиты глаз пластиковые глаза для кукол плюшевые куклы мультфильм ремесло кукла амигуруми игрушечные глаза

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Products Description

product information
Name: Three-dimensional flashing crystal eye Brand: tala
Size: 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 34mm,35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 58mm, 90mm
Color: a variety of colors are available
1. This product has the authority certification of high-quality toy accessories, and the safety and quality are guaranteed,food-grade raw materials, healthy and environmentally friendly, reject formaldehyde, and protect the family wholeheartedly.
2. This product attaches importance to
quality and safety, with a glossy surface and beautiful burrs, which is obviously different from ordinary products.

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Company Profile

Shenzhen Colorful elf e-commerce Co.,Ltd was founded in 2015,is a professional manufacturer of toy accessories & plastic
products.We produce toy accessories:toy eyes,toy noses,skeletons,BB squeakers,toy glasses,toy joints,etc.
Main Production Process:mold creation,injection,blow molding,flocking,oil injection,printing,assembling,ultrasonic wave.
We focused on every baby & kid's health and safety all over the world.

Why Choose Us

Dear, plush toys are one of the favorite toys of children and young people. However, things that seem beautiful may also contain dangers. Therefore, we should be happy at the same time and at the same time, we must think of safety. Our greatest wealth! It is particularly important to buy good plush toy products. Let me talk about one of my personal tips for buying plush toys: look at the eyes of toys. The eyes of high-quality plush toys are very bright and deep, very energetic, and some use high-end crystal eyes, and I feel able to communicate with them. Similar. But the eyes of inferior toys are black, rough, dull, and dull. There are even some toys with bubbles in the eyes. Like this phenomenon, it may be inferior products

Our Advantages

From established, we continue producing eye boll & noses used on attached parts, animals and characters etc
Till now, in order to achieve customers' satisfaction, as customers' requests, we are trying to deliver many kinds of eye balls
used on Japanese doll, Europe doll, animat eyes with 2 color and 3 color plastic injection technology, Disney characters etc
We received a favorable review with customers. As an expert in eye dolls makers, we pride ourselves in eye bolls-makers through
the efforts at material choosing, produo project, model design & plastic injection producing on plastic injection field. Also we
wil continue trading with Japan, America, Europe and China, try to satisfy globe customers' request & wishing. At the same time,
the trust earned from customers, rich experiences, excellent technology and soft exploiting will be the center power. We expect to
become a wonderful company could serve society, we will continue being stronger and stronge with all speed.


1. Manufacturers supply genuine products
All the products of our company are the original products of the manufacturer, so you can buy them with confidence.

2. Regarding the color
The products of this shop are all taken in kind. Due to the difference in shooting equipment, light, angle and display contrast,chromatic aberration may occur. Please refer to the actual color.

3. About after-sales
After receiving the goods, please check them out in person to avoid disputes. Our company will check the quantity under
monitoring before sending out. If there is a shortage of quantity or sending the wrong goods, please contact customer service as soon as possible to check the situation. Please do not impose the loss on the company due to the delay caused by unclear investigation.

4. About customer service
If the online customer service cannot reply to the question in time, please forgive me! You can use the purchase cart to place an order by yourself. For common product questions, please refer to the baby details.

5. About returns
For non-quality problem returns, the customer shall bear the round-trip freight. For returns and exchanges that are the
responsibility of our shop, our shop bears the freight, please pay in advance by the buyer, and the advanced freight will be
refunded after receipt of the goods.

6. Warm reminder
The manufacturer has the manufacturer's production advantages, quality advantages, price advantages, and service advantages. When you decide to buy our products, please trust us 100%. volume_up content_copy share

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