Ксантановая жвачка, нефтяные месторождения, химикаты, белый или светло-желтый порошок

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Product Description

Xanthan Gum 
Xanthan gum is much better than other polymers in increasing the viscosity, thickening, salt resistance and pollution resistance.The effects are remarkable when it is used for mud treatment, completion fluid and tertiary oil recovery, especially in the drilling of oceans, beaches and high halide formations and permafrost formations. It also has obvious effects on accelerating drilling speed, preventing oil wells from collapsing, protecting oil and gas wells, preventing blowouts and significantly increasing the oil recovery rate.


A 0.3-0.5% solution is recommended to inject into the drilling fluid. If it is injected directly into the drilling fluid, it
should be stirred as much as possible to achieve the best effect.。

Company Profile

Hua Xing Shi Ji International Trading Co., Ltd is a well-known cross-border industrial Internet platform in oil & gas industry in China with a mission to create an efficient supply chain. Hua Xing Shi Ji International Trading Co., Ltd is commited to developing the whole industry chain business by building a powerful e-commerce platform based on cloud computing and AI technology, and integrating a global procurement website, exclusive allianceservice platforms and SaaS applications.

Our Advantages

Why choose Hua Xing Shi Ji International Trading Co., Ltd
Focusing on Oil and Gas Industry
Hua Xing Shi Ji International Trading Co., Ltd is committed to providing better quality products at lower prices and one-stop procurement services to help you reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of purchasing.
Flexible Cooperation Modes
Based on the concept of value co-creation and sharing, Hua Xing Shi Ji International Trading Co., Ltd provides flexible cooperation modes for the industrial chain, including global partner plan, exclusive alliance cloud plan, distributor SaaS platform, key account service and brand promotion and matchmaking services.
Global Service Network and Localized Operation
Hua Xing Shi Ji International Trading Co., Ltd has 8 branches and 6 global spot warehouses, and supports local currency settlement in some of 52 countries. With the deepening of localized operation, Hua Xing Shi Ji International Trading Co., Ltd will become your reliable one-stop purchasing platform.

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Packing & Delivery


1. How to view more product details, such as price, MOQ, shipping fee?
In addition to viewing all product information from this page, you can also contact us, we will introduce you more details.
2.How is the product cost-effective?
Hua Xing Shi Ji International Trading Co., Ltd has been deeply engaged in the field of oil and gas energy for many years, integrating a large number of
high-quality supply channels. Our products are comprehensive and the price advantage is obvious.
3.When will I receive my order?
The time depends on the MOQ of the order. The delivery time for parts is generally 7-14 days, and equipment is 7-30 days. In addition, contact us to get the full time of the order.

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