ta 100-1000ml horizontal shampoo detergent filling machine, essential oil soap semi-automatic filling machine

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Semi-automatic vertical pneumatic thermostatic filling machine

Product Description
The structure of this machine is simple and reasonable, and the operation is convenient. Equipped with a filling volume adjustment device knob, quantitative filling and filling speed can be controlled manually. The filling machine is compact in structure, flexible in action and easy to use. It is made of 304 or 316L stainless steel. This machine is suitable for daily chemical industry, cosmetics industry, food and beverage industry

Applicable product range

The whole production line

Parameter configuration

(Filling volume)
(Filling precision)

(Air consumption)


Note: The data in this table is inconsistent due to technical improvement and customization; this table is for reference only, and everything is subject to the actual product. You can consult us for more information

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Customization experts around you

Initiate your consultation to learn more about the products you need

Our OEM&ODM capabilities

Promake Machinery Headquarters occupies an area of more than 2,000 square meters, located in an industrial area with a beautiful environment, with its own storage warehouse, equipment exhibition hall, etc., and has many experienced masters.

Equipments Promake can manufacture:

1) Vacuum emulsifiers
2) Washing liquid mixers
3) Water treatment equipment (RO system)
4) Filling machines
5) Labeling machines
6) Makeup cosmetic machines
7) Perfume making machines
8) Anti-corrosion equipment and inkjet printer
9) Liquid filling and screw-cap sealing machines
10) storage Tanks
11) Laboratory equipment
12) Filter equipment

Our Team

Human-oriented core organization, unite team strength.

Service Area

Semi-AutoMechanical equipment of paste production line, lotion production line, perfume production line, lipstick production line, toothpaste production line, fog foam production line, powder cake production line, soap production line.

Company Profile

Company Profile
Guangzhou Promake Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is backed by Yangzhou Ober Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. as its production backing. The company has more than 20 years of experience in machinery manufacturing, oordinating production internally andcontrolling quality.



1.Why your machine similar with other supplier?
We are manufacturer and had been in this industry for more than 12 years, with more than 8 years export experience. We design machines by ourselves with advanced technology. Appearance just a part of machine, Service and quality is more important than it.
2.I'm new in our industry, but I'm planning to setup a factory, What can I do?
We can suggest customer the most suitable machine accordingto their formula, Raw material. Manufacturing- Installation- Training- Maintenance- Technical Support. We can introduce you supplier of raw material, bottles, labels etc. We could take you to our customer's factory to learn how they produce. We could customize machines according to your real need, We could send our engineer to your factory to install machines and train your worker of Operation and maintenance. Any more requests. Just let us know.
3.What kind of machines can you supply to customer?
We could offer various kinds of machines and whole production line.
(1)Cream, paste Products:
In cosmetic industry: face cream,body cream, washing cream, vaseline etc
In food industry industry: sauce, ketchup, tomato paste, mayonnaise, mustard, chocolate etc;
In chemical industry: welding paste,ink, paint,pigment etc.
Production line for them: RO water treatment- vacuum emulsifying machine- storage tanks- filling machine-capping machine- labeling machine- conveyor belt- inkjet printer- sealing machine-shrinking machine etc.
(2)Liquid products:
Shampoo, lotion, liquid soap, detergent,juice,solution etc;
Production line for them: RO water treatment - liquid wash mixer- - storage tanks- filling machine-capping machine- labeling machine- conveyor belt- inkjet printer- sealing machine-shrinking machine etc;
(3)Make-up products:
Lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish, marscara etc
Machines for them: homogenizer mixer, colliod mill, lipstick filling machine, frezzing machine.
4.The Equipments Promake can manufacture?
(1) Vacuum homogenizer Emulsifying mixer
(2)Liquid washing homogenizing mixer
(3) Water treatment equipment (RO system)
(4)Perfume maker
(5)Anti-corrosion equipment and inkjet printer
(6)Liquid filling and screw-cap sealing machines
(7) storage Tanks
(8) Laboratory equipment
(9)Filter equipment
5.Why Choose Our Product?
(1)We as a manufacturer are specialized in all kinds of vacuum emulsifying mixer.
(2)Good experience over 12 years to make cosmetics, pharmaceutical,food equipment.
(3)Good experience of OEM & ODM for customers.
(4)Our components come from famous brands like:ABB, SIEMENS, Danfoss, Schneider, Burgmann, GRUNDFOS, FLENDER, NSK, Omron, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC,etc.
(5)Provide best price&fast delivery.
(6)We manufacture many kinds of equipment,such as Water tank,storage vessel, emulsifying machine, homogenizer, vacuum emulsifier, shampoo mixer,detergent mixer,liquid filling machine, cream filling machine,labeling machine, inkjet printer,conveyor, pump,etc.
6.About Promake Machine Equipment Co., ltd.
(1)Guangzhou Promake Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer producing daily-use chemicals, medicine machinery and pure water machinery equipment. We undertake equipment design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, technical improvement support, technical consultancy and other services.
(2)Our machines reach the GMP standards and part of products meet the CE certificate requirements. We attend many international trade fairs every year. By far, our products have been exported to over 60 countries all over the world and received much praise from them. Many customers become our long term business partners as well as good friends after the first cooperation.
(3)We create value for customers. We not only provide installation service, but also help customers design and select equipment according to existing sites. After-sales department specifically organizes clients to carry out debugging.
(4)The after-sales hotline is open the whole day and willing to provide consulting service for you. We value the good relationships with customers.

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