Высококачественный сушеный/замороженный морской огурец

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Product Description



Quality Dried Sea Cocumber

Dry sea cucumbers should be 95-100% dry.

Price varies depending on the origin/species, quality, rarity, and size

Sea cocumbers. Balck, white different sizes

Pricing will be dependent on volume (case by case, 100KG, 500KG, 1000KG + etc.) and the size range of sea cucumbers.



We provide the highest quality and selection of sea cucumber products at reasonable prices by maintaining a healthy relationship with our suppliers while recognizing the importance of conservation of a healthy environment. Our unique dehydration process allows us to produce fully dried sea cucumbers while still retaining the majority of its nutritional value.

Badionotus sea cucumbers are cooked at minimum 3 times in our facility before natural sun dehydration.


Production           Frozen Sea Cucumber
Original           North-west Pacific
Fishing Style           Wild Diver-caught                                                                              
Size           7-12 cm
Weight           50-70g
Additive         Without any additive
Certificate        CIPRO
Packaging          Vacuum Individual Packaging                             
MOQ         25 Tons









Packaging & Shipping


500g/bag or Client's request



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