Складной стул для пикника, белый складной стул из холщовой ткани, с деревянной рамкой из бука, для путешествий и кемпинга

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We both manufacture and out source in order to offer ONE-STOP SERVICE for you,
We accept LOW MOQ,

If you wish to customize your product, we are happy to offer OEM & ODM service.
You can customize logo, fabric and wooden frame, see below picture.

Outing mate manufacture complete range of Wood tables and folding chair, see below:(click below pic to view more details)

Above listed is not all we manufacture, you can contact us for full catalogue or buy samples!

If you already know what to order, please contact us today. you can enjoy a new customer discount.

Investigate and select relative hot selling gears to go with your order, this will help you attract more customers.

Outing mate is experienced in recommending our customers great products for your market, let’s start making your business great.

Our customers also sell below items:(Click below pic to view more details)

beach chair
Wooden beach chair

Camping Chair
Rattan swing chair

Director chair
Aluminum folding table

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