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Products Description

Power Voltage
AC220V/50HZ OR 11OV/60KHZ
Power Consumption
Frequency and intermittence
Super low electro-magnetic wave:0.8HZ----8HZ, 160 seconds interval
Packing size
20PCS/31*43.5*67 CM
Delivery time
3-4 days

Production Process

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Company Profile

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Q1: What is “Pest Control Products”?
A1: Here the “Pest” is kind of general name for the human public pests such as the mouse,cockroach,mosquito,fly etc. Made from the modern micro-electronics technology, the Pest Control Products are kinds of electronic devices which can repel the public pests.Such as Mouse Expeller, Cockroach Expeller and Mosquito repeller etc.

Q2: How to repel the pest for the Pest Control Products?

A2: Pest Control products can give out electro-magnetic wave and ultrasonic waves ,which can act upon the hearing and the nervous system of the pests. So the pests will flee away. The electro-magnetic wave can penetrate the walls and ultrasonic wave can spread in a straight way.

Q3: What kinds of pests can the Pest Control Products repel?

A3: The Pest Control Products can expel the mouse. Also it can repel the following pests: cockroach, ant, spiders, cricket, bug,flea, moth etc, even have some restraint to the mosquitoes.

Q4: Where can be used for the Pest Control Products?

A4: The Pest Control Products can be used widely in the following places: family, ware-house, shop, hotel, restaurant, hospital,office, machine room, dining- room, garden ,garage etc.

Q5: What is the effective coverage for the Pest Control Products?
A5: The effective coverage will depend on the output power and inside structure of the Pest Control products. It is around 50-2000sqm.

Q6: How long the best effectiveness can be seen by using the Pest Control Products?
A6: The effects will be seen after using it for several days. But the good effects will be reached after using it continuously for 3-4 weeks.

Q7: How to use the Pest Control Products?

A7: Just plug them into the sockets of the main power line. The operation methods will be different for the different products.Please read the relative Operation Manuals carefully.

Q8: What is the lifetime for the Pest Control Products? How about the guarantee period?

A8: Generally speaking, the life time is over 10 years. The guarantee period will be one year during which “return”,” replacement” and “repair” can be guaranteed. For products returning, the period is one month after selling them.

Q9: Is there any harm to the human body for the Pest Control Products?
A9: Saintland Products have no any harm to the human body.

Q10: Why can we say that “repelling pests” is more active than “killing pests”?

A10: "killing" will speed us the reproductions of the pests and "expelling" will restrain the reproductions of the pests .So
“expelling” is more positive than “ killing”.

Q11: What are the distinctive characters for Saintland Pest Control products?
A11: Multi-functions, changeable frequency, more patents, large power, variety, pretty outlook, good effectiveness.

Q12: Do you accept OEM?
A12: Yes. We can accpet OEM order,or design new items according to customer idea.

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