Поющая чаша из белого матового кварца JK, оптовая продажа, 6-24 дюйма

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Product Paramenters

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl
99.99% quartz crystal
6"-24" you can match the notes and size at random
Frosted/white/ colored/ rainbow/wiith charkra logo
Suede mallet and O-ring

1. made of 99.99% Purest Quartz sand.
AIO production technology:when the temperature reach 3000-4000 ℃,the the sand become liquid,then made to the Crystal Healing Sound
Quartz Bowl With all tone C D E F G A B Or Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl,without any impurity .
2. all size from 6-20" and all tune CDEFGAB .
The Crystal Healing Sound Quartz Bowl With all tone C D E F G A B Or Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl have many different size from 6
inch to 24 inch ,every size with all tones for people body chakra
3.Strong and long sound
The effect of Crystal Healing Sound Quartz Bowl With all tone C D E F G A B is the same with Tibet singing bowl ,but the sound
more beautiful than metal singing bowl ,and sound long and strong . Crystal singing bowl with strong frequence ,widely use for
therapy ,through the chakra to deal painful of body ,can help people meditation meditation, purify the mind, release pressure and
so on .
4. Singing bowl accessory: Rubber O-ring/Rubber stick or Suede singing bowl mallet

Jinzhou Jinke Quartz Glass Co. Ltd was established in 2011 in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China. We are the company that specialized in the manufacture, research and sales of quartz glass products. With advanced production equipments, strong technical capabilities, perfect inspection methods and strict quality assurance systems, we mainly manufacture and export all kinds of quartz products, such as quartz glass plates, quartz glass tubes, quartz bowls, quartz glass mallts, vessels, quartz glass far-infrared heaters, and various complex
instruments etc.. In addition, our products can be customized to meet all kinds of requirements. Now, our quartzglass products are distributed to many areas around the world, such as North America, Europe, Japan and other countries. We are confidently to pronounce our high end quality products with the best services you would ever have. Welcome to our company!

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