Блок вентиляторной катушки, 4 трубы, цифровой ЖК-дисплей, термостат, контроль температуры в помещении

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[ Product Overview]

LCD digital thermostats,applying the most advanced and international standardized microcomputer control chip, measures the indoor temperature by the in-built NTC high- precision sensor. It can always compare with the setting temperature, and automatically regulate the heating/cooling air input or switch on/off the motorized valve, so as to keep room in a certain temperature.


[ Technical Data ]

Working voltage : AC220V ±10 % ,50 / 60Hz            Load current : < 1A

Power self-consumption : < 1 . 5W                            Temperature Accuracy : ±1℃

Timing error: <1%                                                      Output rated power : < 200W

Temperature setup range : 5℃-35℃                         Dimension: 86mm * 86mm*13mm


Standard configuration ]

A,Large Interactive touch screen, clear display with backlight shows even in the dark. 

B,Fan coil unit and motorized valve control;

C,Fan coil unit wind speed conversion--. High, Medium, Low, Automatic;

D,Locking function --- When locked, the temperature can not be set, and only heat & cool transfer, power on & power off and Fan speed setting ;

E,Lock hidden function--- This function can only operate when the thermostat in power offstatus;

F,Shell pieces for the white colors.



[ Caution ]

Please connect wires in strict compliance with the installation wiring diagram ;


Please install a thermostat correctly in strict compliance with the installation diagram


Do not pull the cable forcibly , or it may be damaged .


Do not squeeze the LCD or scratch the LCD surface during the installation; During the installation ,do not knock those electronic components on the circuit board , and do not drop or deform the back cover.


If hard plastic lines are used during the installation , do bend it into a appropriate angle firstly


Do not drop it into construction mud


Different Lines Match ]




Installation ]

We suggest installing the thermostat after the completion of the interior decoration.






WRA-53 Series

220v ON/OFF, 3-Point

WRA-63 Series

220V/110V/24V  ON/OFF, 3-Point

WVA4-.. Series

220V/24V  ON/OFF, Proportional

WRA3-.. AC Series

220V/110V/24V  ON/OFF, 3-Point

WRA-42 DC Series

24V/12V/3V  ON/OFF, 3-Point

WRA3-.. DC Series

24V/12V/3V, ON/OFF, Proportional
















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