Шлифовальная машина для обработки древесины, пылесборник, воздуходувка, мешок для деревообработки, порошковый пылесборник

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Wood polish sanding machine require Dust collector vacuum cleaner blower woodworking machine bag wood powder dust collector

Product Description

It is used on bench saw, engraving machine, edge banding machine and other machines, with affordable
price and good dust absorption effect; Due to the continuous updating of technology, when the appearance and machine bottom plate
adopt 1.5mm thick iron plate, other parts are 1mm; Surface spray treatment, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, longer
service life; To ensure pure copper wire motor, if one is false, ten will be fined. With the same power, our products have larger
air volume, mobility, good randomness, good dust collection effect, more dust points, more color and parameter changes without
notice. Please take the real object as the standard.

Machine Description

Working principle: when the dusty gas enters from the inlet of the mobile bag filter, it enters each
unit chamber through the guide pipe. Under the action of the guide device, the large particle dust is separated and directly falls
into the ash hopper, and the rest of the dust enters the filter bag in the filter area of each bin chamber evenly with the air
flow. When the dusty gas passes through the filter bag, the dust is adsorbed on the filter bag, The purified gas is discharged
from the filter bag.


Motor Power
Air delivery
Air Speed
Inlet Diameter
Overall size
Packing Size
Net Weight

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