Оптовая продажа 2021, комплект из 2 предметов, толстовка с капюшоном и Джоггеры для женщин, толстовка с длинным рукавом, толстовки, весенние спортивные комплекты

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Products Description

Product Name
Women Sweater
Accept Customized
Knit Sweater Top/Dress
Accept Customized
Spring/ Summer/Autumn/Winter
30 PCS
1pc/Opp Bag
Payment Term
 T/T,D/A,D/P( all ways just you want)
DHL\\EMS\\UPS\\FEDEX\\by Sea\\by Air

Product display

our products have passed the product testing under the conditions of high temperature, washing and freezing, practice has proved that the clothes will not pilling, the decorations will not fall off, and other dirt will not stick to the surface of the clothes, and will not fade.


The material is harmless to you or children
Although this product is specially designed for adults or girls, if there are babies in your home, please rest assured that our products have passed strict quality testing and certified by the government environmental protection department. Even if babies bites clothes with his mouth, it will not cause any harm to his/her health.

Details Images

left is the front of the product 、right is the back of the product

Details of this product and their respective advantages.

Committed to overcoming technical difficulties in the industry
Common shortcomings in the sweater industry

Colour fading
1The quality of the dyes used on the clothes is not good enough. Or because the post-treatment of clothes is not done in place.
2..Clothing dyes are only attached to the surface of the fibe. term is called "false coloring", some manufacturers omit such a process in order to save cost.
1.These hydrogen bonds break when the fabric is heated. This allows the fibers to move to other locations. Then, as the fabric cools, new chemical bonds form. Then the clothes become any other shape. That's why clothes wrinkle!
1. The process used is not rigorous
2. Conduct quality review during the manufacturing process

Our company is committed to overcoming the technical difficulties in the industry

Committed to overcoming the shortcomings of color fading
1.Common fibers include natural fibers (cotton, hemp, wool, silk) and synthetic fibers (polyester, acrylic, etc.), which can be blended into various fabrics according to a certain proportion

reduce crumple
1.Nylon: smooth surface, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash and dry, good elasticity
Polyester fiber: silky soft, not easy to wrinkle, soft wool
100% polyester fabric is not easy to wrinkle.
fabric mixed with pure cotton and polyester in a certain proportion.
Solve sweater off-line
1.High quality raw materials are used
2.Strictly control the process during production

Product packaging

Tip:The following bags are provided by our company. You can choose the bags according to your requirements. In addition to the packaging provided by our company, all products have protective measures provided by express companies, such as foam, plastic bags, etc.

Carton packaging
1.Light weight, foldable, non-toxic, tasteless
1.Poor water resistance, poor strength when wet

environment protection Poly Bag
1. The water-soluble speed can be designed and selected, completely dissolved in water, non-toxic and pollution-free;
2. Strong tensile strength
1.The recycling value of plastic bags is low
Nonwoven bags
1.It is moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, non combustion supporting, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non irritating
1.Low recovery value

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