Портативный Электрический распылитель с синим светом, УФ-паровой распылитель, пистолет для дезинфекции спирта, Беспроводной нано-распылитель

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Portable Blue Light Uv Steam Mist Electric Atomizer Sprayer Gun Sanitiser Alchohol Disinfection Power Wireless Nano Spray Gun

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2. Fastest Delivery In 2 Days
3. 1 Year Warranty
4. Custom Color Based On Color Number/Sample/Picture
5. Custom Bottle Shape/Size By Producing Mold
6. Custom Bottle LOGO By Silk Screen Printing & Label & Sticker
7. Custom Packing With Paper Box/Bag/Shrink Film/Assembly
8. Bottle Raw Material Passed Reach/FDA/RoHS Tests

Products Description

Product name: 
Nano Power Spray Gun/Wireless Disinfection Alchohol Gun
Bottle container:
Customizable bottle:
Battery Capacity:
Rated Power:
Product size:
Use of time:
Spray distance:
1.5 Meters
Large-Capacity Water Bottle,  Manual Handle,  Power Lithium Battery,  Long Use Time.
Nano Spray Gun For Disinfection, Sanitizer, Beauty Care, Air Purify, Deodorant, Etc.

Different Styles

Contact UsA Variety Of Styles For You To Choose

Nano Spray Gun Blue Ray
More comprehensive sterilization, with SIX strong lights, can be widely exposed to any Angle.
Constant Pressure Spray, Pressure stabilization.

Nano Spray Gun 800ML Big Container
No Need For Frequent Replacement.
Powerful, Durable And Stable.

Metal Nozzle
Long Service Life, Not Easy To Jam.
Nano Spray Machine Normal Temperature Sterilization/ Extremely Fine Water Mist/No Residue.

Nanoscaled Atomization Spary
High Pressure Air Pump And Siphon Atomizing Nozzle With Over 5000 RPM Are Used.

Atomized Disinfection Spray Gun
Normal Ternperature Disinfecticn And Retention Of The Original Chermical Components Will Not Produce Toxic Gases.

Jet Distance Up To 1.5Meters
It Can Be Sprayed Directly On The Surface Of The Human Body, Fabrics, Home Appliances And Other Objects.
Ultra-Loing Life Battery Practical Firste
Quipped With 4800 mAh Power Lithium Battery To Ensure Daily Use.
Multiple Functionsexcellent Quality For Price
This Product Can Also Replace Indoor Humidifiers, Aromatherapy Machines, Watering Devices,Etc.

Application Scenario

Product packaging

Company Profile

Dongguan Bottle Packaging Products Co., Ltd specializes in all kinds of packaging bottles and portable disinfection gun. Such As nano spray gun,spray bottle, shampoo bottle, cosmetic bottle. Our Marketing team keep analizing new potential products in this field,Our Designers never stop working on new designs,Targeted to establish more than 5 years partnership with all our clients.There're 10 reasons for you to work with us:

1. 10 Automatically Production Lines
2. 10 People In Research & Develop Team
4. More Than 100 Workers
5. Productivity: 10 Million Bottles Per Month
6. Owning blow molding machine, injection molding machine, packing machine, labelling machine, silk screen printing machine and hot stamping machine
7. 12-Year Production Experiences In Packaging Industry
8. Owning more than 3000 clients
9. Exported to over 98 countries around the world
10. Passed factory inspection by the 3rd party-TUV Rheinland

Service Policy

1. Professional Sales Team For Your Service In 24 Hours.
2. One Year Warranty After Goods Delivery
3. We Promise To Resend You Goods Or Deduct The Amount If There're Defective Products.

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