OEM Organic Sativa Bulk 25KG 1000G Essential Oil 5000mg 500mg 600mg CBD Hemp Seed Oil

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Products Description

Customized logo is welcome, packing as your requirement.
GMPC,MSDS,ISO22716, GC/MS(100% purity certificate),CE
Sample Time
3-7 work days Service
Delivery Time
Stock: About 5 working days after payment
OEM/ODM : About 15-20 working days after deposit comfirmed
Raw material purchase & Transportation solution
T/T, Paypal, Credit card
Trade Assurance order
10ml 15ml 30ml 60ml /Customized

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil

Aid digestion, anti-tumor, prevent high blood pressure

Health Benefits
1.Improved Skin
2.Lower Blood Pressure
3.Promotes Heart Health
4.Pain Relief
5.Inflammation Reduction
6.Lower Blood Pressure

Amounts and Dosage
The amount of hemp seed oil you take depends on how you use it and what health benefits you would like to obtain. Researchers estimate that three tablespoons of hemp seed oil per day can provide the amount of 3:1 fatty acid ratio needed for a healthy diet.
You can drink hemp seed oil straight or mix it into salad dressings or other foods. You can also use hemp seed oil in place of olive oil for cooking.

If you are using hemp seed oil topically, be sure to try a small amount first to test for skin irritation. Hemp seed oil can also be used as a carrier oil for an essential oil mixture.

Why Choose Us

Guangdong Baishi Health Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2009, Guangzhou Baishi Health Group Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the health field supplying ODM manufacture and brand marketing with one-stop service. The company has signed strategic cooperation agreements with more than 60 domestic first-tier brands such as Sanjiu, Sinopharm Group, Beijing Tongrentang, Wong Lo Kat, Baiyunshan, Nanjing Tongrentang, etc.

Manufacturing Technique

OEM custom factory
Guangzhou Zhongkebaishi Health Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the five factories which invested by Baishi group, it is a hightech production base with CMP standard. The factory is located in Guangzhou Conghua District, with modernized factory buildings over 10,000 square meters, class 100,000 dustfree purification workshops, and more than 20 advanced production lines. We mainly develop and produce Women’s intimate care products, skincare, and essential oil. All our products are GMP and ISO9001 certified and have been exported to Asia, Southeast Asia, Mid-east, Europe, United States, etc.



We have 200 staff separated into five divisions - OEM, design, marketing, business school training, and visual. Our professional R & D department provides strong technical supports, enabling us to accomplish challenging OEM and ODM projects. We provide our customers with one-stop service -“Choose products—Formulation selection—Packing design— Purchasing packing material—Confirm order—Production control— Quality inspection – Transportation”. We guarantee the products' safety and quality with international standards.
Welcome to cooperate with us, Baishi spirit is the “ health of ten million people.


Product Inquiry :
Q1 : What are essential oils?
A1 : Essential oils are extracted from the very core of the plant material and they also have beneficial therapeutic effects.

Q2: What is the method about extracted essential oil?
A2: Essential oils are obtained through distillation (via steam and/or water) or mechanical methods, such as cold pressing. Steam distillation is one of the processes used to extract the volatile compounds from the internal or external secretary structures of the leaves, stems, roots, bark, flower or seeds of a plant while the method of cold pressing the peels of citrus fruits reveals their fine and fresh aromatic oils.

Q3: What are absolutes?
A3: Absolutes are highly concentrated aromatic oils extracted from plants using a solvent method. Unlike essential oils, absolutes may still contain natural pigments and parts from the plant material and thus resulting in a highly concentrated red-brown liquid that can last up to five years if properly stored. However, due to the solvent presence absolutes are useful in treating physical and emotional symptoms through aromatherapy but they are mainly used by the perfume industry. This is why absolutes are considered to be the spirits of nature captured into dark air-proof bottles.

Q4: What is essential oil blends?
A4: Essential oil blends combine two or more oils together, giving you well-rounded benefits and a more complex fragrance experience. For example, if you want a relaxing experience, you can use a blend of lavender and frankincense.

Packaging Inquiry:
Q1 : What about your packaging and specification?
A1: With our expertise in handling of both large bulk orders & small batches at short notice periods, our packaging unit is capable of handling 20,000 kg of processed pure essential oil, essential oil blends, carrier oil & handcraft soap. For bulk order, we have 1kg/5kg/10kg/25kg/50kg/180kg for options.

Q2: Do you offer OEM or ODM?
A2: We can offer different essential oil bottle sizes in 5ml/10ml/15ml/20ml/30ml/50ml/100ml/120ml/150ml/230ml/480ml/500ml, with plastic dropper or roll-ball. While choosing the packings, we also ensure that it makes the products look more fashion, protects the content from extreme temperature changes, helps in preventing the deterioration of aromatic products and preserving the real aroma of the naturally prepared products. 

Q3: What is your MOQ?
A3: For customized 10ml and 30ml essential oil, the MOQ is 5000 pieces. For bulk order, the MOQ is 20kg.

Q4: What about your delivery time?
A4: For bulk order, our delivery time is in 7 working days. If customized, the delivery time will be 15 to 30 working days after the packagin design confirm.  

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