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Chinese private label alcoholic-beverage whisky liquor wholesale super tiger whiskey

Sweet malt fragrance and oak aroma
Sweet entrance , full bodied finish
Alcohol content
40% vol
700 ml /bottle, each bottle packed with gift box, 12 boxes packed with one carton

After the good barley has been selected, the process of "sprouting", which is the process of turning the barley into ale, is carried out. The barley is left in water until it germinates (about four to five days). As the barley germinates, the starch gradually turns to sugar. The barley is then inhibited by roasting. As the barley is saccharified, it becomes darker and harder. It is worth noting that in the process of drying, the use of mud coal or not will significantly affect the flavor of whiskey

One-stop international spirits expert and marketing team
Overseas design team customized personalized design plan
Dedicated procurement team provides multiple liquor solutions

Third-generation international delivery capability, fully automated production
Professional packaging and container loading transportation
24 hours on line, 100% after-sales service

Using Effects

Our Goalong Liquor distillery is located in Liuyang mountain area which is very suitable for liquor distilling due to the quality water and pleasant environment; Good quality water with Lower electrolytic rate index and none dissolved salts making the liquors pure &clean, soft & mellow, it won't damage the body when enjoying them.

Customers who say good are really good.Let us build the foundation with quality, guarantee the achievement of service, build trust with value, and march towards the glory of tomorrow together. Below are our cooperated customer and brand agent in domestic for reference.

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Company Introduction

Liuyang Goalong Liquor Distillery Co., Ltd. is a one-stop professional International Liquor Manufacturer in China invested by UK Goalong Group in the year of 2018, mainly producing and exporting whisky, brandy, vodka, gin, liqueurs and other liquors. located in the Two Oriented Industrial Park of Liuyang city, It’s the 1st largest-scale single malt whisky distillery in China, and also the 4th distillery invested by Goalong Group, with the most advanced and modernized equipment and high-level management system, representing Group’s 4th international Delivery Level, mainly focusing on Chinese Whisky making and private label liquors services for customers from in and abroad.

Goalong Group is the 1st to produce and develop single malt whisky in China. At present, its R & D and production level are in the lead in China. The company has formed a domestic market and exportation as its core business mode since 2009, Leading sales for 7 consecutive years. 0 security incidents, 100% after-sales service. We have passed ISO & QS & HACCP certificates and exported our products to over 50 countries and gained good reputation, such as Russia, America, Germany, The Philippines, Panama, Mexico, Surinam, Australia, New Zealand and so on.

All of our products can be printed with UK or French Bar Code, with high-end quality raw materials and packages. Quality is the soul and customer always comes first, we mainly based on long-term business and friendly as win-win relationship with clients. We have rich experience of exhibitions and have won many good reputations globally.


1. What is the shelf life of this liqueur?
This whiskey Alcohol content 40%vol. Which can be stored for long time.

2. Can we use our own logo or design on the label?
Yes, we accept custom designs. We also have a team of designers to help you design.

3. What is the volume of the bottle?
We have a 275ml bottle on hand. We can open the mold for your authorized bottle.

4. What is the mold opening cycle and cost?
Our mold opening cycle is usually about two weeks, divided into mechanical bottles and manual bottles, and the cost is
betweenUS$300 and US$1500. Considering the long-term cooperation in the future, we can consider refunding the mold opening fee for the first large order.

5. What should I do if the goods are severely damaged when transported to the local area?
Our packaging is suitable for international transportation and the damage rate is extremely low. Please take pictures and collect evidence within 2 hours after receiving the goods. We will compensate your next order based on the actual loss.

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