SR100AS 12V 24V Car battery separator smart automatic Voltage Sensitive Relay dual battery charging system isolator charger

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Product Description


This unit will activate when either the main or auxiliare batery exceeds 13.4VDC.

The SMART RELAY is desighned for use in multi-battery applications as a solenoid priority system to protect the chassis charging systerm from excessive loading while allowing auxiliary batteries to be charged.




*Isolates each battery battery circuit and eliminates mult-battery drain

*Allows each battery to discharge and charge according to its own needing.

*Solid-state electronics contrl box.Sealed to protect against oil ,gas,salt,water and harsh enviroments.

*Built-in surge protection.

*Disconnect delay.

*LED indicator(on/contact closed).

*Prevents dust and water ingress(IP66).

*Heavy-duty sealed relay(soleniod).

*Manual override function for option.

*CE cetified.


*Voltage:12 Vdc

*Continuous current:100 Amp

*Intermittent current:200 Amp

*Engage voltage :13.3Vdc

*Disengage voltage:12.8Vdc

*Disengage delay:5 sec.

*Charging type:parallel


*Current draw:520mA-CHARGING,10mA-standby

*Surge protection:built -in


*Recommend fuse :100Amp

*Minimum cable size:#6AWF(13mm2)

*Power studs:M8,cooper

*Nuts:steel with zinc plated

*Torque setting:3.75Lb-ft(5NM)

*Override:optional(requires 10V min.)



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