Система нагрева пациента с принудительным воздушным потоком для предотвращения периоперационной гипотермии

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forced-air patient warming system to prevent the peri-operative hypothermia 

Product Description

1. Description:

PW-I Patient Warming System is  specially designed for clinical operation heating. It has the characteristics of large air flow, rapid heating, low noise, accurate temperature control, safety and reliability.

 2.The reasons for using the patient warming system 

The patient warming system with the disposable blanket prevents hypothermia and prevents chills. It is specially designed to prevent hypothermia during the perioperative period.
The human body temperature during the perioperative period is suppressed by anesthetics. At the same time, the patient’s exposure to a low temperature environment causes the deep body temperature to be lower than
36 degrees Celsius is a low body temperature. The incidence of hypothermia is 50%-70%, and it has a relatively large impact on the physiological functions of the human body. In severe cases, it can be life-threatening. Research shows that core body temperature drops up to 1.6°C in the first hour following the induction of general anesthesia, increasing the risk for inadvertent perioperative hypothermia and its associated complications, which include higher mortality rates, longer hospital stays and an increased rate of wound infection.


During the operation, due to factors such as drugs, anesthesia, environment, etc., the patient should not over-consume the human body, especially neonates, infants, elderly patients and patients who have undergone thoraco-abdominal surgery for a long time can cause a drop in body temperature, which is extremely unfavorable for the patient, and those with cardiac insufficiency are even more dangerous.
Patient warming system with the blanket plays an important role in preventing hypothermia, long-term surgery, heart surgery, a large amount of body cavity washing, or surgery that requires a large amount of blood transfusion. It can keep the body temperature stable, prevent and treat perioperative chills.




3. Applied scope and environment


Scope of application:

It is suitable for patients with hypothermia in medical institutions and those who need to keep their body temperature.


Expected use environment:

The product is expected to be used in the operating room, recovery room, anesthesia room, severe care and emergency room of medical institutions, and the occasion should meet the environmental requirements of the product technical requirements.



    PW-I Main machine   





250mm*300mm*340mm(L×W×H)(not including extrusions)



Wind Force

Accuracy:±10 m3/h

Level 0: 15 m3/h      Level 1: 30 m3/h      

Level 2: 45 m3/h      Level 3:60 m3/h      

Level 4: 70 m3/h      Level 5:85 m3/h      

Maximum Output Pressure


Temperature Range

33℃ to 43℃,at 0.5℃ increments;accuracy±1.5

Modes of Operation

Natural wind mode,Warming mode


Overheat alarm, Temperature control alarm, High temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, Heater error alarm, Fan error alarm, temperature sensor alarm

Power Supply

a.c.220V,50Hz,Power: 1800VA(Max.)

Safety Class

Class I Type BF, IPX1 (Anti dripping sealing equipment)

Normal Working Conditions


+10℃ to +40


 30% to 75%

Atmospheric Pressure

700hPa to 1060hPa


Upper case, lower case, fan, air tube, filter, control panel, operation panel




pw-i -2.jpg


 warming system (1).jpg




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Company Information


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