Высокое качество испечь порошок по производству пшеничной муки

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Product Description

Wheat Flour

Wheat flour - flour made from wheat grains, the most popular type of flour used for baking. The variety and nutritional value of wheat flour is the main indicator of the quality of all its types. It is related to its yield as a percentage, that is, the amount of flour that the manufacturer receives from 100% of the grain. The higher the percentage yield of flour, the lower the grade, the more coarse flour is obtained during production.

Price is discussed individually.


All-Purpose Flour
Made From
Weight (kg)
Place of Origin
Raw material
100% Organic Farmed Wheat
White Color
Cooking Recipes
68 tone

Packing & Delivery

Polypropylene bags 50 kg, Big-Bag 1000 kg

Company Profile


Since 1998, the Dikanshy company has been operating in the field of processing and export of agricultural products to the countries of near and far abroad.
The first consignments of cars with wheat and flour were shipped to the countries of Central Asia back in 1998. Later, in 2001 in the north of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the city of Petropavlovsk, the company "Dikanshy" was founded.
In 2007, a production complex was acquired, located on a land plot of 30,000 square meters, with railway tracks and warehouses located on its territory.
In 2010, a Turkish mill with a capacity of 100 tons / day was put into operation, which marked the beginning of the production activity of the company and an increase in the volume of exports.

In 2012-2013, we expanded our scope of activities and signed the first contracts for the shipment of grain crops to European countries. At the same time, the opportunity opened up for us to work in a new direction - the production and export of organic products. In 2013, we received the European Organic Certificate and shipped the first machines with organic products to European countries.
In 2014-2015, in order to increase the level of productivity and quality of our products, we modernized the production complex, including an increase in storage facilities, the installation of additional cleaning equipment, which allows us to achieve product purity up to 99.95%.
In 2018-2019, the company opened new areas of activity with the launch of compound feed production and entry into the retail organic products market.

The work of the company is based on four main principles:

We are responsible and scrupulous about the fulfillment of our obligations and we want our clients to be confident in the proper and high-quality implementation of agreements.

We carefully monitor the quality of products at all stages of production in order to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers.

We are constantly exploring new directions and technologies, analyzing markets, attending international exhibitions and thematic events in order to always be in the information flow and keep up with the times.

We do not rest on our laurels and strive to apply the principle of development in every area of ​​our activity, paying attention to both improving the economic performance of the company, and increasing the number of customers and strengthening existing partnerships.


1. Who are we?
We are based in North Kazakhstan Region, Kazakhstan, start from 2001,sell to Eastern Asia (85.00%), Domestic Market (15.00%). There are total about 51-100 people in our office.

2. How can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment.

3. What can you buy from us?
Wheat flour, Compound feed, Wheat bran, Organic flax

4. Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
Own production, local sources of raw materials.

5. What services can we provide?
Accepted Delivery Terms: FCA, CPT, DDP;
Accepted Payment Currency: USD, EUR;
Accepted Payment Type: T/T;
Language Spoken: English, Russian.

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