Бумажная Крышка для кофейных стаканчиков, экологичный купол, биоразлагаемый холодный напиток, Бамбуковая целлюлозная бумага, черный кофе, тиснение логотипа

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ZHIBEN Tech Group

World leader in the application of plant fiber materials

With the mission of "achieving plastic-free earth and protecting natural ecological environment", ZHIBEN technology group is a large group enterprise focusing on r&d, production and application of environment-friendly plant fiber materials.Since its establishment, the company has been making strategic layout with a global perspective, continuously integrating resources in the field of ecological and environmental protection, gathering China's top r&d and technical talents, and establishing industry-leading production management system.After years of rapid development, zhiben technology has established a full-supply chain model with the application of plant fiber materials as the core, providing one-stop solutions for customers from the aspects of raw material supply, equipment customization, product design consulting, processing and production, storage and logistics, technology, after-sales service and so on.

· For better practice mission, ZHIBEN set up five core business sectors: precision molding, universal molding, molding equipment, plant fiber, plant fiber, from front-end design production to back-end providing consumers with an eco-friendly lifestyle, ZHIBEN group strategy of ecological carrier is gaining momentum, setting sail for the human survival environment.

Zhiben Designingis another breakthrough for the promotion of plant fiber materials by ZHIBEN technology group. It is an environment-friendly lifestyle brand created for Chinese consumers.Now, together with well-known designers, we have established ZHIBENResearch Institute, and according to different life scenes, innovate designed plant fiber material with environmental protection, ecology and life aesthetics

With a professional and customized intelligent factory system, the whole production system  automatically collected, and data  processed by cloud computing. through visual instrument panel, production energy consumption and equipment operation status can be understood in real time, ZHIBEN rapidly improved production efficiency and output .

ZhiBEN adhere to the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment system of production, SA8000 social responsibility standard, all products must pass material testing, finished product inspection, final product molding, strict test each link of the product moisture content, PH value, fluorescence, strength, colour is qualified standard, adhere to provide high quality products to our customers

ZHIBEN independent innovation integrates raw material supply, equipment customization, rapid production, production management, storage and logistics, process technology into one of the plant fiber product design, production and manufacturing solutions, can achieve the whole process of efficient product design and development, 7 days of sample delivery, 7 days of batch production

Established by internal and external professionals in product research, industrial design, packaging design, structural design, mold design, production technology upgrading, material technology, etc., zhiben technology r&d center provides consumers, enterprises and society with continuous innovative application of environmental protection materials.

Dongguan ZHIBEN has 34 industry leading automatic molding machines, 8 sets of plant fiber material pulping system, can produce 8 different pulp at the same time, the daily production over 10 tons of high quality, high precision products.In addition, dongguan ZHIBEN has purchased the Switzerland Azishamir Processing Center,low Walking Wire Cutting Machine ,electro-discharge cutting machine ,Beijing engraving machine, Taiwan LEADWELL series processing machine&Heixcon 3 coordinate measuring instrument, forming the manufacturing precision 0.1 micron surface effect of the mold manufacturing capacity

The plant fiber material is made of bagasse, which has been professionally processed into environmental protection material. It has the advantages of 100% degradable, strong plastic, high cleanliness, beautiful shape, strong toughness, shock and static resistance, etc. It is the best choice to replace plastic products.


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