Сэндвич-печенье «Mr. O (Mr. O) с какао и шоколадом, 96 г, с завода по производству кондитерских изделий, закуски

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Product Description

Sandwich cookies"Mr. O (Mr. O)" with cocoa and chocolate filling 96g from confectionery factory, snacks

Exclusive cookies in the assortment of the confectionery factory "BELOGORYE!" Sandwich cookies with cocoa and filling with the taste of shoko, developed by Mr. O himself!

Two thin cookies connected by a delicate filling are a great option for both a family tea party and a quick snack!

1. WITHOUT artificial dyes, WITHOUT GMOs, GOST 24901

2. Compliance with fashion and multi-sensory impressions - bright color of the packaging, fashionable almost black color of cookies.

3. High % content of cocoa powder due to which the almost black color of the cookies is achieved.

4. Natural ingredients in the composition

5. Packing in a color box with perforation

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Packaging DetailsCarton Box
Unit TypePieces

Our Company


The production is equipped with modern equipment.The main production of products is strictly regulated by state standards GOST 24901, GOST 14033, GOST 14031, etc. The food safety management system is certified and meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000 HACC

Confectionery factory "BELOGORYE" is a Russian manufacturer of flour confectionery products.

CF "BELOGORYE" is one of the oldest enterprises for the production of food products in the Belgorod region, founded in 1943.

For 75 years, the company has grown from a small regional food processing plant that bakes bread into a large confectionery factory that produces more than 80 types of confectionery products.

In addition, the factory produces private trademarks by order of leading federal networks.

In the continuous production mode, the factory has 6 lines for the production of sugar, butter, long cookies, crackers and waffles. The total capacity of the factory is 31.2 thousand tons of flour confectionery products per year.

The production is equipped with modern equipment of leading European manufacturers. The BELOGORYE confectionery factory is one of the few factories in Russia that produces the main volume of products in accordance with GOST standards. The main production of products is strictly regulated by state standards GOST 24901, GOST 14033, GOST 14031, etc. Each batch of raw materials and finished products is checked by the quality control service. The food safety management system is certified and meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000 HACCP.

In the production of products, we do not use palm oil, artificial dyes and GMOs.

To create our products, the quality control service selects only high-quality raw materials. We care about the taste and quality of our cookies, so we strive to use as few food additives as possible. Trying to create more useful products, KF "BELOGORYE" adds such natural ingredients as mashed berries and fruits, cereals, honey, real cocoa, cottage cheese, spices, condensed milk and much more - delicious and real.

That is why the products produced in the CF "BELOGORYE" have high taste and quality characteristics, which allows us to win diplomas and awards in various competitions and exhibitions: 100 best goods of Russia, PRODEXPO, Golden Autumn, World Food, Belgorod quality, etc.

Our prices are quite high, and this is directly related to the high quality of our products.

In physical terms, the share of the BELOGORYE confectionery factory in the Russian market of flour confectionery products is almost 1.86%. At the moment, BELOGORYE is actively developing and continues to conquer the confectionery market, both in the Russian Federation and abroad.

Products are shipped to stores and retail chains throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and the countries of foreign economic activity: Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Georgia, Tajikistan, China, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan; as well as the LPR and DPR.

JSC "Confectionery factory" BELOGORYE " is the oldest enterprise for the production of food products, traces its history back to 1943.The team consisted of 17 people-15 women and 2 men. In the most difficult conditions, firewood was harvested, bags of flour were dragged, dough was kneaded by hand, but despite this, people baked 2-3 tons of bread a day, bread that gives life.
In 1953, the food processing plant moved to new workshops, a modern continuous oven was installed, production reached 800 tons of cookies per year.

In 1975, the company moved to Grinevka, on Promyshlennaya Street, where it is located today. Spacious workshops, new lines for the production of cookies, soft drinks, cakes, mayonnaise all this contributed to the fact that the company occupies a leading position in the region.

In 1993, the company was transformed into a joint-stock company of the Belgorod City Food Processing Plant type.
In 2002, at the annual meeting of shareholders, changes were made to the company's charter by name. Now the company was called the Open Joint Stock Company "Belgorod Food Processing Plant Belogorye".

The company has passed a long way of development, today we are proud to say about it!


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