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Product Description

The WB Back-to-School Pack Series have all the basic necessities the kids need for the upcoming Kindergartner Grader.

No need to wonder what is in your bundle, we're happy to let you know.

Stationery for Primary School
In their early schooling years, the child will need a set of stationery that will take them from coloring to improve the writing skills.

Key Essentials
- pencils including color pencil
- pencile sharpner & erasers
- safety scissors & glue stick
- a simple notepad for learning writing
Stationery for Junior & High School
The further your child progresses, the more their stationery needs will grow.

Key Essentials
- plenty of pens for the day-to-day note-taking workload
- notebooks & documents management items
- correction supplies
- pencil & ruler
- scientific calculator

Product Paramenters

Item No.
Stationery Set
WB Back-to-School Pack | Kindergarten Series | Basic
Pack (Basic) including
- 2 pcs Glue Stick
- 1 pc Pencil Bag
- 1 set Crayons (24 Count)
- 1 set Marker (10 Count)
- 1 set #2 HB Pencil Pack (12 Count)
- 1 pc Note Book
- 1 pc Pencil Sharpener
- 1 pack Eraser
- 1 pc Ruler
Details regarding each item please refer to the individual product link as below.
Paper Gift Box Packaging
All items are highly customized as per specific requirements within all Weibo brand stationery. Please contact our Custom Service for further details & items adjustment (if any). 
Price & Spec may vary subject to the customization as well as the T&C upon mutual understanding & agreements.

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Why Choose Us

A Leading Industry Player
A well-established stationery brand in China since 2002 with a trackable & reputed history along the way.

Currently, Weibo Stationery is operating in 6 associated manufacturering facilities in China covering different categories as well as several factory outlets in Yiwu.
A Correction Supply Export
Weibo is specialized in Correction Supplies, Office Adhensive, Pencils & Pens, Sticky Note Pad etc.

Regarding the Correction Tape Category, Weibo holds more than 100+ different designs and complete supply chains with massive scale production capacity (1,000,000 pcs monthly).
One-stop Stationery Provider
There are currently more than 30+ categories out of 5,000+ products under Weibo Stationery as well as the associated brands.

Weibo is able to provide one-stop stationery solution and widely accepted worldwide.


ISO 9000 Qualified
All Weibo associated factories are all ISO 9001 certified with proper quality system management.
Manufactured by Standard
All Weibo brand stationeries meet related China domestic standard as well as International Standard.
3rd Independant Party Verification
As per client's specific requirements, we are pleased to sumbit our products to the desired 3rd independent party for lab testing.

Marketing Campaign

Woldwide Clients Visit Weibo Yiwu Factory Outlets
Over the past 19 years, we have received numerous visiting clients to our factort stores in Yiwu Int'l Trade City.
Fair & Convention
Weibo intends to activaly participate in domestic & international fairs & conventions in view of global business penetration & further Weibo brand worldwide exposure.


What is your MOQ?
In principle, we do not have the MoQ requirement for all Weibo brand stationery RTS products unless specified in advance.

Meanwhile we are also very pleased to provide OEM products subject to mutual agreemenst on T&C.

Therefore, the MQQ may vary from case to case.
Can I customize my own shipment?
Technically speaking, we are able to arrange any form of the shipment as per your request.

Since the freight may vary from time to time, upon your specific requirements, we would verify the possibility accordingly.

Upon the mutual understanding & agreement, we would arrange the shipment afterwards.
What is the goods ETD/ETA?
Generally speaking, our standard ETD for RTS items is within 7 days (for a single item) & within 14 days (any RTS items) upon PO & payment confirmation.

ETA would depend on the courier and shipping method to choose as well as the consignee location.

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