Waitley комплект из 2 предметов, 18V 9.0Ah сменный литий-ионный аккумулятор для Dewalt XR Li-Ion 18V електричюеского инструмента и 20-Вольт макс инструменты 9000 мА/ч, DCB184

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Product Description


Replace model
for DeWalt 18Volt / 20Volt Battery
CE, FCC, Rohs
for DeWalt 18V power Tools
18V / 20 V

2Pack Waitley 9Ah 18 V Battery Replacement for Dewalt DCB184-XJ DCB184 18V XR li-ion Battery 9000mAh 18 Volt tool Battery
Waitley is committed to providing each customer with satisfactory products and customer service.
All the Waitley products are covered by 12 month warranty from Waitley.
About DeWalt 18V battery is equal to 20V battery:
The 18V battery and 20V battery used by DeWalt tools are the same.
The tool battery is composed of 18650 batteries. The voltage of each 18650 battery is between 3.0V-4.2V. Connecting 5 18650 batteries in series can increase the voltage to 15V-21V. Because some countries have different marking standards for voltage, some countries mark 18V and some countries mark 20V. We assure, they are the same battery and can be used.

9Ah power tool battery for DeWalt tools

Production description:
Replacement: DCB200 18V and 20V battery.
Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 18V and 20V
Capacity: 9Ah
Applicable : For DeWalt Power Tool

Product description
WTL18V Li-Ion 9.0Ah backup battery for DeWalt 18V XR tool. The high-capacity design extends working hours, which is equivalent to the working time of a 1.8PCS 5Ah battery. At the same time, our enclosure is a high performance explosion proof material. It uses advanced balanced charging technology to work better and more stably, and can extend battery life!
The LED number (percent) shows the battery level and you can check the remaining battery at any time.

About certification
Our products have been certified by an authoritative organization and already have CE ROHs/FCC certification.

New design
1.With LED indicate lights is percent capacity display, Avoid excessive use and improve working life
2.Press down the black button to display the percent battery, Release it for turn off the light
3.The battery capacity is based on the display, e.g. Battery display 100% means the charging has complete
4.Power display:20%~100%.When the power tool battery capacity is 20% Please charging it in time

Waitley battery
Our battery has the following three advantages over other inferior brands of batteries.
1. The capacity is sufficient, the capacity will not be falsely marked.
2. The shockproofness is good. The high-frequency vibration will occur when the power tool is working. Our battery structure is precise, stable and the shockproof performance is very good.
3. More times of charging and discharging, equivalent to longer service life

About charging
work with dewailt18V charger

Battery size

Compatible Models:Please enter (CTRL+F)to find your model.
For Dewalt DCB181-XJ DCB181 DCB180 DCB182 DCB183 DCB184 DCB185 DCB200 DCB201 DCB201-2 DCB203 DCB204 N123283 N123282 DCB205 DCB204-2 DCB205-2 DCB200-2

Compatible with the entire Line of Dewalt 18v Tools:

DCD777C2,DCD791B,DCD780B, DCD740C1, DCD740, DCD740B, DCD780C2, DCD780L2, DCD785C2, DCD785L2, DCD980L2, DCD980M2, DCD985B DCD985XR, DCD985L2, DCD790D2,DCD996B,DCD771

DCF880C1-JP, DCF883B, DCF883L2, DCF885C1, DCF885B, DCF885C2,DCF885BR, DCF885L2, DCF895B, DCF895C2, DCF895L2,DCF887B, DCF899H

DCG412B, DCG412L2 , DCG412,DCK240C2

DCS331B, DCS331L1, DCS331L2, DCS331N, DCS380B, DCS380L1, DCS381, DCS391L2, DCS391L1, DCS391B, DCS380L2, DCH214L2, DCS391B, DCS393,DCS367B,DCP580B

Balanced charging and service life
Waitley battery: unit battery with balanced capacity
1. The capacity of each unit battery of Waitley battery is sufficient and balanced, and there will be no over-discharge or
2. Because all of the unit batteries are charged and discharged uniformly, the service life is longer (the use time of the

Inferior brands of batteries may be the case: the capacity of the unit battery is not balanced
1. The battery of inferior brand may have false capacity, the capacity of unit battery is not balanced, and the working capacity of high load is weak.
2. Due to the unbalanced capacity of the unit battery, the battery life is shortened, the workload is reduced, and the battery
life is not long.

Warm Notes:
1.Please charging the battery when someone is on duty! When charging, keep away from flammable and explosive materials.
2.If you are not going to use the battery for a month or longer, store it in a clean, dry, cool place away from fire and water.
3.Non-professionals, please do not disassemble by yourself to avoid damage due to disassembly.

About Us
We have 10-year experience on batteries.As a professional manufacturer of power tool batteries,
Waitley focuses on the stability, safety and compatibility of replacement batteries.The batteries is completely
compatible with products.Raw material is strict according to ISO 9002:2000, and our quality management system is mature.
We have passed the ISO certification, Good faith, quality first is our slogan.

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