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Product Description

The high modulus asphalt concrete modifier is produced by Hunan Yajuwang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Co., Ltd. cooperates with Changsha Science and Technology and Chang'an University to bring independent intellectual property rights and independently own invention patents A direct-injection asphalt concrete modifier developed by the company is based on a variety of polymers as the main material.
A high-molecular composite polymer granular material synthesized with a variety of auxiliary materials according to a specific process.High modulus asphalt concrete modifier can significantly improve the anti-rutting ability of asphalt pavement, and it is effective.Improve low-temperature anti-cracking and anti-aging properties. To comprehensively improve and enhance the comprehensive performance of asphalt concrete Under the premise of reducing the frequency of road maintenance and mid-to-long-term overhaul, it saves roads and saves.
About the comprehensive cost of road construction and maintenance.


The specific indicators of YJW high modulus asphalt mixture(High modulus agent AC-20)as following:
Technical requirements
Measured value
Asphalt content/%
Void rate VV/ %
Rate of mineral material clearance VMA/ %
≥ 13.0
Degree of pitch saturation VFA/%
Stability /kN
≥ 6.0
Flow value /0.1mm
Dynamic stability /(times/mm)
Maximum bending and tensile strain when the specimen fails/ / με
Residual stability in water / /%
≥ 85
Freeze-thaw splitting tensile strength ratio/ / %
Water permeability coefficient /(ml/min)
 ≤ 200
Basically no seepage
15 ℃, z 10Hz dynamic modulus /MPa

1. Significantly improve the dynamic modulus and anti-rutting performance of asphalt mixtures.
2. Improve the elastic recovery performance of the road surface, resist low-temperature cracking, prevent water damage and durability.There are great advantages in this respect.
3. Simple to use, good versatility, suitable for any mixing station, no need to change any process
And equipment conditions, has the advantage of flexibility and convenience.
4. Good environmental protection. Use high modulus asphalt concrete admixture to mix asphalt mixture, which
There are no harmful emissions or other technical problems during processing and production.
5. It has good compatibility with all kinds of asphalt and mineral materials. Suitable for various physical properties
The standard stone has no requirements for the acidity and alkalinity of the stone.
6. Wide applicatio:The product can be applied to high-grade highways, highways, and heavy vehicle parking
Depots, container terminals and other projects are under construction.

Processing technology
When the mineral material is heated to 170~180℃, put the additives directly into the mixing pot
Perform dry mixing, the dry mixing time is 10-15 seconds, after the dry mixing is completed, add asphalt for mixing
30-35 seconds. The quality control, storage and transportation of the finished mixture are carried out in accordance with the conventional mixture.

Construction Notes
The temperature during construction shall not be lower than 10℃, and the surface temperature of the paved ground shall not be lower than
5℃, avoid construction in windy weather.
The temperature at which the mixed material is transported to the site cannot be lower than 165℃
The rolling equipment closely follows the paver, and the initial pressure temperature is not lower than 150℃
The temperature at the end of rolling is controlled at 110~120℃.

Company Profile

Our company located in the Liuyang National Economic and Technological Development area, and established in 2015.
We are integrated new material high-tech enterprise, committed to high polymer new materials, road R&D, innovation, promotion and application of new materials, new processes and new technologies.We gave an elite team with high academic qualifications and rich practical experience, including senior engineering.There are 5 professional and technical personnel with doctoral qualifications and a comprehensive laboratory integrated with experiments, the research and development strength is among the best in the industry Mao.
In the development process of the company, the national coil asphalt pavement additives (polymer modified materials)
Material, high modulus agent, anti-stripping agent, warm mixing agent, high viscosity agent), environmentally friendly self-melting snow anticoagulant Ice technology, treatment of oil pollution on asphalt pavement, engineering modified plastics and other materials.In the field of new technology, we always adhere to the cooperation with many well-known domestic universities, research institutes, such as famous enterprises (Central South University, Chang'an University, National Road Testing and Experimental Center, Jiaoshui Group, etc.) and a number of experts and professors have formed strategic partnerships in industry information,Innovative products, technology transfer, talent training, joint research and development projects, provincial level.Cooperation in all fields including road research projects, and a lot of popular science work. Agyuwangko Technology is determined to become a pioneer in the development of new asphalt road materials in China.“Faith, Innovation, and Development” is the business philosophy, and constantly contributes to the construction of roads and pavements in China.Provide sustainable solutions, insist on serving society, customers, shareholders, and employees Create co-win value and co-specify the vision of a new type of polymer composite material.

Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.


1.How about the storage?
The fill-bag sealed finished product can be stored as long as one year at room temperature.

2.What is your MOQ?
The MOQ is I ton.

3.What about the delivery time?
Normally we have stock,it will take about 7-10 days after we got the 100% payment.

4.After construction, how long can open the traffic?
Putting the matreial into holes and then compactionslightly. That means the traffic is opened immediately after the patching is finished

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