Порошок высокой чистоты flocoumafen 98% TC, технический материал, родентицид для уничтожения крысиных мышей

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Product Name
flocoumafen 98%TC high purity technical material rodenticide rat mouse killing
flocoumafen 98%TC is technical material to make all kinds of formulations as below. it can be used to kill rat mouse.
flocoumafen 0.005%bait
If you want to know more information about this product,send email to receive MSDS TDS COA etc.
25kgs/drum or bag 1kg/bag
General Information
Common name: flocoumafen
Chemical name: 3-(3-Biphenyl-4-yl-1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydro-1-naphthyl)-4-hydroxycoumarin
CAS No :  90035-08-8
Molecular Formula: C33H25F3O4
Formula weight: 542.54
Specification: 98%TC
Appearance: White powder
Melting point: 679°C
Vapor pressure: 0.77mPa (55°C) and 0.16mPa (45°C)
flocoumafen belongs to the second generation of anticoagulant rodenticides. flocoumafen can inhibit the formation of prothrombin,improve the permeability and fragility of capillaries, and cause bleeding to death. Therefore, there is no secondary poisoning, and the peak of mouse death For 3-5 days, suitable for rodent use in various environments. Instructions flocoumafen mother liquor content is 0.5%, diluted with water 10 times to make a medicinal solution, and then adding grain mixed with air equivalent to 10 times the weight of the
medicated solution to air dry. 0.005% rat poison bait can be used directly. When dropping rodenticide, about 25 grams per small pile, every 5-10 square meters, rodent medicine is best placed in poison bait boxes, pay
attention to observe the remaining quantity and replenish in time.

Certificate of Analysis
Item of Test
Test Result
off-white powder
off-white powder
98.0% min
0.5% max
0.5% max
1.0% max


1 Q: What’s the difference between TC/TK and formulations.such as EC SC WP RB etc.
A: TC or TK is technical material,it’s raw material for production. It can’t be use directly.
Formulations are finished products with various packages, it can be use directly.
2 Q: Can I get free sample?
A: If you’re manufacturer or distributor in the same field with us. Welcome to request a sample. Sample is free, but express freight will be in your account. When you place order in the future, previous sample and express freight will be deducted from the cost of the order.
3 Q: Can I use my own sea forwarder and do FOB term?
A: Surely, you can use your forwarder to arrange shipment. But noted all of our goods are dangerous cargo, you should find a professional DG cargo forwarder to arrange shipment for you. We have professional DG cargo shipment team,we suggest you can trust us and let us to arrange it.
4 Q: If I don’t know how to use product, can you give me an instruction?
A: Yes, you can send email to get product label and instruction.


We Shenzhen Ronly Chemical Co.,Ltd founded in 2010 located in Shenzhen China. Our main products are all kinds technical material of insecticides and rodenticides. We have two production lines for liquid and solid formulations. Such as WP RB BG DP GR EC SC CS HN ULV etc. OEM/ODM manufacturing are our strong business. Pest-go and Mouse-bye are two brands hold by our head office Ronly Chemical Limited in Hongkong. Our products widely used in public health and animal ectoparasites treatment. We are looking forward to cooperation with friends from all over the world. Any inquiry, don’t hesitate to contact with us anytime.

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