Многофункциональный регулируемый складной Гинекологический Стол для осмотра, переносной стол для гинекологических обследований

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Product Description

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Multifunction Adjustable Foldable gynecological exam chair Portable Electric Gynecology examination table couch Operation table

Gynecology examination table

Product Paramenters

Gynecological operation table
1. The size of the bed should be greater than 1340 x 520mm, because the equipment is suitable for any examination, abortion, and other outpatient surgery according to the human function structure; The carrying weight is 135KG;
2. Bed surface height: 680~930mm; Lagging Angle: - 8 ° ~ 70 °. Plate adjustment Angle: plus or minus 20 °;
3. Vertical rotation Angle: since the device is a movable production bed with hidden casters, the device can do any vertical rotation Angle;
4. Electric control is adopted, which can be applied to a variety of different body position examination and surgery; The back plate is controlled by controllable gas spring, with a wide range of adjustment;
Gynecological operation table
1. The size of the bed is greater than or equal to 1420 x 570mm, because the equipment is designed as an arc type examination bed according to the human function structure, suitable for any examination, abortion, and other outpatient surgery; ; The carrying weight is 135KG;
2. Check the lifting size of the bed: 600 ~ 1200mm;
3, vertical rotation Angle: because the device is attached to the hidden castor movable production bed, so the device is able to do any Angle of the vertical rotation;
4. After the operation of the electric gynecological examination bed passes the electric control and reaches a certain position, it is convenient for doctors to check;
Gynecological operation table
1. The size of the bed table is about 2100 x 940mm, and the equipment is designed with the concept of warm maternity bed. After hospitalization, parturient women can basically complete the labor, delivery, delivery and postpartum recovery with the same bed; 
 The carrying weight is 135KG;
2. Auxiliary board size: 400 x 570mm, because the equipment is designed with the concept of warm maternity bed, the auxiliary table is hidden, the table is removable, easy to operate, convenient, suitable for arbitrary delivery;
3. Bed surface lifting size: 660 ~ 960mm;
4. U back on fold: 75 ° or interval; Plate on the folding or tilting Angle acuity before 5 °, 15 ° bed
Bed surface inclination Angle acuity after 15 ° is applicable to any delivery, delivery, inspection;
5. Longitudinal rotation Angle: the device is equipped with four movable double locking casters (15cm), which move in a directional direction and can be controlled at will. And equipped with foot brake device, easy to operate;
Gynecological examination table
1. Bed surface size: full length: 1850 + 50mm;
Table width: 650 + / - 50mm;
Height: 700 + + 50mm,
2. The adjusting range is: on the back fold or 60 °
4. The bed is composed of a table, a box-type base, an auxiliary platform and a footrest.
5. The auxiliary platform is hidden, convenient to deal with all kinds of problems in childbirth, simple and convenient operation, suitable for any kind of childbirth;
6. The examination bed is equipped with hidden drawer, which is convenient for medical staff to use. Simple operation, easy to use.
Gynecological examination table
·Stainless steel structure
·Back and knee adjustable
·Black cushion
Gynecological examination table
·Table frame made of tubular stainless steel; fixed bases with protective plastic feel;
·Adjustable three sections with independent controls and Trendelenburg position;
·Bed top is high-density polyurethane foam, and covered with washable faux leather; water proof, flame retardant;
·Mattress thickness:40mm
·One pair of padded shoulder support, one pair of adjustable knee support; one pair if handgrip;
·With slide-out s.s bowl;
·Load bearing:150kg
·Knock down construction;
Gynecological examination table
·Lifting range ≥240mm
·Table top lean forward ≥22°
·Table top lean backward ≥8°
·Back board folding up ≥70°
·Back board folding down ≥10°
·Accessories:Anesthesia screen, Shoulder supporter, Leg supporter, Arm supporter, Mattress, Pedal

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