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Product Description

China Manufacture small electric biogas engine generator 5kw biogas generator

The biogas is Environmentally friendly energy,which can be used for cooking, lighting, power generation, Boiler, for the plastic greenhouses and barns warming and insulation, provide fertilizer for the vegetable greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, it can also be used to fresh fruit.

Material for biogas production
a.Animal and people manure
b.Food waste
c.Straw powder
d.Palm oil / palm nut
Attention: Please do not put chemical material in the biogas digester.


Biogas and gasoline integrated machine
If the biogas is not enough, you can switch to gasoline to generate electricity.

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Packing & Delivery

1. Wooden box
2.Delivery: by express,by air,and by sea according to the quantity.

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How to equip a biogas generator for a biogas plant?

Normally, less than 20m3 biogas plant, we do not suggest use biogas generator. Because the gas is not enough. This system suitable for medium size biogas plant.
When you want to equip biogas plant. Please make the below things clear:
- What electric appliance will be drive?
- The power of this electric appliance.
- How many hours will be use?
So that you will know how many kw biogas generator do you need.
Then, calculate this power of biogas generator need to how many m3 gas.
The formula is:
Gas consumption (m3) = Power of the generator*How many hour will be use* the corresponding gas consumption rate First, power of the generator we will according to above information calculate it.
Second, how many hour will be use, the clients know it.
Third, the corresponding gas consumption rate. This parameter will be shows on the biogas generator.
Now make an example.
You want to drive a 10kw biogas generator, and will use it 8 hours per day. Now you want to calculate how many m3 gas you will need. (10kw gas consumption rate (m3/kw.h) is 0.56.)
So, that means, if you want to drive a 10kw biogas generator 8hours, will need 44.8m3. So you need to build a about 200m3 biogas plant.

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