100% натуральный материал ПЭНД k1 mbbr для рыбы pnd и аквакультуры

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↑↑An simple Excel MBBR calculator ,Juntai MBBR Volume Calculator
As the leader of MBBR Media Supplier, Juntai not only Offer High Quality MBBR Media ,But also togehter MBBR technology , tools and service.

Product Details

How Does Aquarium Filtration Work?
Simply put, the aquarium filter passes water over the filter media.
The filter media, when mature, houses a colony of bacteria. That bacteria consumes ammonia and nitrite, and produces nitrate. Fish produce ammonia. Having high nitrates in your fish tank isn’t ideal, but nitrate is nowhere near as damaging to your fish as ammonia and nitrite.
After a period of time (which varies on your stocking levels) you must change out the water in your aquarium in order to lower or eliminate the nitrates in your water.
If you’ve ever wondered why your fish don’t grow much, it could be that you’re not changing the water enough and an excess of nitrates are causing them to be stunted.

Moving bed filter media breaks the rules! That is because it has a comparatively small surface area, while at the same time being a highly effective biological filter media.
How does that work you might ask? Well, it’s because moving bed media—K1 being the most common—has neutral buoyancy when coated in bacteria. Consequently, a stream of air bubbles can be used to cause the K1 media pieces to move around and bang into each other.As a result of those collisions, unhealthy and weak bacteria is killed and knocked off the media, leaving only the most vigorous bacteria behind. Therefore, it makes for an incredibly robust community of beneficial bacteria.

High-quality materials :

JUNTAI Guarantee 100% HDPE New Virgin Material and if not JUNTAI Guarantee 100% Refund Payment
JUNTAI : Top three supplier for MBBR Media in China
Physical shooting :High-quality virgin material & Food grade virgin material
But our price is more competitive, the larger the quantity, the greater the preferential force

Why Choose Us

Juntai MBBR
100% Virgin HDPE
Plastic filler
Quality Control:
1. The shape is perfect, cannot deform easily. 
2. Can be anti-UV 
3. Less dust suitable for aquaculture 
1. Easy to deform. 
2. No UV protection 
3. More dust 
4. Non-food grade
Production Control:
20 high-speed production lines,production speed is 1.5 times that of others
Average production speed
Company Team:
1. Professional R&D team with 5 person 
2. Water treatment engineer team with 2 person 
3. International sales team with 10 person
4. Quality control team with 8 person
Terms of delivery:
Fewer choices
Product Service:
Complete pre-sales and after-sales service
Poor service

Product Parameter :

Hole Numbers:37
Surface Area:>800m2/m3
Hole Numbers:19
Surface Area:>650m2/m3
Hole Numbers:61
Surface Area:>1250m2/m3

Hole Numbers:04
Surface Area:>900m2/m3
Hole Numbers:06
Surface Area:>800m2/m3
Hole Numbers:64
Surface Area:>1200m2/m3

The production line

Product packaging :

Packing model:
(0.1CBM&1CBM) woven bag
Container model :
20GP container can load 30CBM MBBR
40GP container can load 70CBM MBBR
45HQ container can load 80CBM MBBR

Company Profile :


1.Can we get samples?
Yes, 1kg free samples can supply .
2.What's Your Delivery Time?
Normally 15-20days afater order confirm.
3.What is MOQ?
Our MOQ is 1CBM .
4.Are You Factory Or trading Company?
We’re a direct factory in Anqing Anhui China.
5.How About Container Quantity?
1*20GP can load 30CBM
1*40GP can load 70cbm
6.What's Your Packing?
Packing is woven bag;0.1m3/1m3 per bag

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