SP90 портативный Спирометр, медицинский спирометр для диагностики легких

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SP90 portable spirometer machine medical lung diagnostic spirometer spirometro

product description
SP90 pulmonary function tester is a hand-held pulmonary function test equipment, which can be used to detect the patient's
respiratory function status; it adopts the principle of differential pressure collection to perform forced vital capacity FVC,
vital capacity SVC, maximum minute ventilation MVV, and resting minute ventilation MV items Measurement of related parameters; TFT
high-definition screen can display measurement results and respiratory waveforms; data upload can be realized, which is convenient
for cloud management operations; suitable for diagnosis and curative effect of lung diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease, pulmonary fibrosis and cough Assessment, routine physical examination, etc. It is mostly used in respiratory
medicine, thoracic, anesthesiology, surgery, occupational disease prevention and treatment institutions, physical examination
institutions and other scenarios.

Product Features
1) It can measure and display the related test items of forced vital capacity FVC, vital capacity SVC, maximum minute ventilation
MVV, and resting minute ventilation MV;
2) It can display and measure the breathing waveform, and cooperate with the host computer to realize real-time testing;
3) It has the management function of user information and case data;
4) Built-in a variety of expected values, which can display the ratio of the measured value to the expected value;
5) With BTPS self-correction function, automatic measurement of environmental parameters;
6) Support bronchial test;
7) With voice prompts;
8) Calibration function and verification to ensure test accuracy;
9) Data transmission can be realized, with two options of Bluetooth and data cable;
10) One-key quick start test function;
11) Lithium battery power supply, rechargeable, with battery power indicator;

Product performance
Capacity range: 0 ~ 10 L
Flow rate range: ±16 L/s
Capacity accuracy: ±3% or ±0.05 L (whichever is greater)
Flow rate accuracy: ±5% or ±0.17L/s (whichever is greater)

1 manual
Nose clip 1
1 mouthpiece (disposable accessory)
1 data line
1 power adapter (optional)
PC software

Physical properties
Dimensions: 143mm (length) × 64mm (width) × 41mm (height)
Weight: 220g

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